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Sep 7, 2006 05:55 AM

Need recs for Pasadena close to Paseo

I'm taking my very best friend to the spa for an afternoon...she's in the latter stages of her second pregnancy. Would like a great rec close to Paseo...not too expensive, already spending lots at the spa!
Two women, sunday, great lunch....????

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  1. Well, if you want to stay at Paseo and shop and eat, you could go to Camille's Cafe for sandwiches/wraps, Gelson's for hot/cold prepared foods and salads, Yardhouse for huge salads/sandwiches, PF Chang's for Chinese, and the chain Islands.

    If you want to drive, you could steer several blocks west and find numerous places in Old Town.

    I think you may need to be a little more specific as to what kind of food. :-)

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    1. re: chica

      So sorry, you're right....would prefer no chain restaurants.

    2. since one of them is preggers, I guess Bodega Wine Bar (in Paseo) is out of the question ;)

      Yard House is a decent chain but probably not the scene you're going for.

      If you can manage a short drive (since I can't imagine your expectant friend wanting to walk more than a block)--I'd say either Marston's, Green Street Cafe, Crepe Vine, or heck, you can even do an early afternoon tea at Tea Rose Garden (open at 11 or 11:30 I think) or Scarlet Tea Room, both of which offers delicious options that filling enough to be a meal!

      1. My vote's for Delmonico's Seafood Grill in the Paseo complex.

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        1. La Huasteca on Fair Oaks near Colorado Bl is very good for refined Mexican cuisine. They have reasonably priced prix fixe meals (at least for dinner) that include an app, a salad, tasty huitlacoche soup, choice of entree, and dessert

          1. I'd head to Green Street Restaurant
            you'll have to drive there, but it's close by. Good sandwiches, big salads (you could easily split a salad between the 2 of you) - and it will be a relaxing enough atmosphere post-spa. Cost wise - if you get 2 non-alcoholic drinks and 2 sandwiches or salads, you are looking at about $20-25

            Parking is kind of a pain, but not impossible - there is a pay parking structure just south of the restaurant -- and the restaurant is a little tricky to find - it's on a street that runs parallel to Lake called Shoppers Lane. If you go east on Cordova, just past Lake Ave, there is a small alley-type street (That's Shoppers Lane), turn left on Shoppers Ln. and then right into the parking structure