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Sep 7, 2006 05:47 AM

Need ideas for great sandwiches for football game this weekend

Going to UCLA game this weekend and need to know where I can pick up great sandwiches or wraps and the like for approx. 5 people. Need to get the food in WLA or Valley only.

Any suggestions much appreciated.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. If BreadBar has sandwiches to go, then that's a fine option. I'm partial to the Genoa sandwich myself.

      In santa monica, Bay Cities Deli is a very good option. Lots of choices and the sandwiches are huge.

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        Bay Cities is excellent. High-quality meats, their pepper toppings are tasty (the hot has lots of olives), and their bread is super for sandwiches -- a crispy-chewy crust and a sourdough interior. Lately my favorite is the meatball sandwich, which doesn't travel well but they will sell the meatballs and sauce, rolls, and cheese (get the provolone) separately to assemble at the game -- be sure to have them slice the roll for you. They are amazingly friendly and accomodating, have their own parking lot, and you can FAX in your orders to avoid the very long sandwich line during the lunch hour.

      2. There's always Clementine in Century City.

        1. bay cities in sm. definitely fax in your order. i like the godmother sandwich or the hot pastrami (although it's a bit fatty, it's delish). their hot food bar is very good too if you are looking for side dishes as well. no lines usually at the hot food bar.

          if you don't have a fax machine, they also have ready-made sandwiches in their open fridge as you walk into the deli. i've had those before also when the line is too ridiculous. the ready-made is really good too since the meat and bread has been marinating with the mustard/mayo..

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            Faxing a sandwich order to Bay Cities is a great idea, assuming Santa Monica fits the WLA criteria. Even if it doesn't, it's worth the few extra miles.

            But keep in mind that Saturdays and BC is insanely busy. You could spend a lot of time there if you don't fax your order.

            When I was there a lot (I moved) I had a saved Word Doc in my computer with my Bay Cities order. I would vary it from week to week, but had it there. And I'd be really specific about what I wanted -- cheese or no cheese, what kind of peppers, mustard or no mustard. I just found it made for less errors when I was O-C about typing everything out.

            They've also got beers and soft drinks and chips and side orders -- I have tailgated many times at the Rose Bowl with Bay Cities in my cooler. (Also at the Hollywood Bowl, fwiw.)

            1. re: PaulF

              Third this rec!! Baycities will even do special orders on their fax orders... Also, a Godmother always tastes a little better when it's allowed to mellow... :)


          2. Warning. If you get cold cut sandwiches to take to the game be sure to get the vinegar and oil dressing, if used, on the side. Otherwise it may make the bread quite soggy by the time you get to it.

            Have fun!