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Sep 7, 2006 05:39 AM

Nice dinner at Simon LA or Cut?

I'm debating between Simon LA or Cut for a business dinner (read: someone else is picking up the tab). Which one should I choose or is there another recommendation in the area between Hollywood/Beverly Hills? Thanks!

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  1. Haven't done either *yet*... But if someone else is paying, why not get some Kobe at Cut?

      1. Cut is probably better for a business dinner as Simon LA can get very "sceney." The food at Cut is also better in my opinion. However, Cut can get noisy unless you have one of the few tables on the raised area on the West Wall

        1. Cut (if you are able to get in after 3 PM or before midnight) will help you cut your deal...Simon LA will be remembered for about as long as Chianti (and that is only if Simon LA is very, very, very lucky). And I liked Chianti.

          1. Don't go to SimonLA for a business meeting. The music is deafening. Cut was great on my one visit, plus the chairs are really comfortable and the lounge is a nice place to begin or end the meal.