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Oxo Salad Spinner or Herb Spinner

I live by myself, well recently my brother moved in. I've been wanting a salad spinner forever now, however I keep thinking its way too big. I'm also thinking I don't need it since its really just me. Suggestions? Opinions?

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  1. I love mine. It actually stores quite nicely, because the push handle that sticks up actually locks into the spinner when not in use. Then you basically have a regular-shaped bowl.

    It's actually a great way to keep salad. Wash your lettuces in the sieve, dry in spinner, pour out water, place lid on, lock lid, and voila, into the refrigerator! Keeps well for a few days. Also, if you are serving all the lettuce at once, just empty the sieve into the bowl, dress, and toss.

    I've had other salad spinners and this one is by far the best. Yes, there are smaller ones, but this one actually gets all the water out with minimal effort.

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      I must cast what looks to be the only negative vote regarding the Oxo spinner. I had 2 of them. I loved them while they lasted, but they didn't last long. Both became skewed, making the lid very difficult to put on. This happened after a very short time.

      I now have a Kitchen Aid salad spinner I got at Costo. I've had it for twice as long as I had both of the Oxos and it is excellent. It also has the locking plunger. It also has several pieces that you can insert (which make the de-waterfication better if you have lots of lettuce in one load. Dewaterfication????

    2. I have the oxo salad spinner and absolutely love it. It does take up some space in the fridge, but is totally worth it because it actually makes your lettuce stay fresher for a few more days.

      1. I posted a query on this board asking what kind of salad spinner to get after my previous model expired. The near-unanimous vote was for Oxo which I got and absolutely love. We use it for salad greens but I also like to spin my Chinese vegetables in it after they've been washed and cut. It gets all the water off them so they stir fry without a lot of sputtering.

        1. OXO is coming out with a stainless steel spinner soon


          I need to have it!!!!!

          1. I used an Oxo at a rental beach cabin the other day and was very impressed.

            1. I really couldn't get along with the Oxo. It's the best salad spinner around plus it lasts and lasts. Have had ours for years.

              1. Consider this a 'me, too'.

                I love my OXO salad spinner, and use it for all sorts of things, only very few of which have anything to do with the spinning of salad. The plastic bowl is a lovely size for a wide variety of things (it's currently filled with leftover chocolate ganache), and I find it handy for soaking beans as well, since draining them off is so simple with the basket. I also use the basket as an extra strainer when my main one is in use.

                I also prefer the plunger mechanic to other types of salad spinners.

                1. If you are trying to figure out whether to get the full-size salad spinner or the smaller herb spinner, I would recommend getting the larger. I had the herb spinner for just 2 people and while it was large enough for herbs (obviously) or lettuce for sandwiches, it wasn't large enough for salad or spinach (even just for one, I think). However, the OXO product completely rocks, so if you're looking for a spinner, this is the one to get.

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                    I have both sizes of the Oxo. The small one is ideal for herbs or small servings of salad for just me and my wife. When we have company, I bring out the big one. I think the small Oxo would be fine for one person living alone.

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                      I also have both sizes, and find that the small one is perfect when I'm serving only me.

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                      I have to disagree, but I admit I needed to save on space both in the cabinet and in the dishwasher. I have found that the herb spinner is great for two salads and if you need to make more you can always spin two batches of greens. If space wasn't an issue I'd get the larger one.

                    3. I can recommend the OXO, but suggest that you also check out the Zyliss. Some people find it easier to use. I get comparable results from both. Nothing else comes close.

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                        I have a Zyliss and it is very easy to use. For me, a salad spinner is a must. I don't see any other way to dry lettuce and greens other than wasting tons of paper towels or wetting a bunch dish towels.

                      2. I love my Oxo, but am I the only one who finds it necessary to finish drying the lettuce with paper towels after it comes out of the spinner?

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                          I've never found this necessary, but maybe I'm just too tolerant of wet greens.

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                            I usually spin my greens, empty the bowl and toss the greens a little just to reposition them, then respin. That gets every bit of water out of them.

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                              The Oxo salad spinner is the single most indispensable item in my kitchen, I love it. Moving the greens around is a good trick. The other trick to really get most of the water out is to press on the push handle a couple of times to get the basket spinning fast, and then on the little stop button to stop it. Do that a couple of times, and it will both shift the greens around and get rid of a lot more water than just by spinning.

                          2. Another Zyliss fan here. i think it is easier to use than the Oxo though I'm not sure it comes inthe smaller size

                            1. I've heard bad stories about the life-span of the Oxo push button and other brands' pull-tape (like a talking doll with a string to pull) mechanism spinners, so I got an all-plastic crank style. I can take it completely apart for cleaning & drying, which completely removes any mildew problems. They also tend to be much cheaper than more complex spinners. I think mine was 5 USD, instead of the 20 to 25 USD that Oxo wanted. My spinner is huge, but I like to eat big salads of mostly leaves. Salad is a main dish, not a side dish, for me.
                              If you are concerned about shelf space, you can always store your nesting tupperware/rubbermaid set inside a big spinner.

                              1. I've used both the salad and herb spinners by Oxo. I dumped the salad spinner because I really couldn't afford the space for it and I got the herb spinner which didn't work very well for greens- it stayed pretty wet. Now I just spread my greens in a single layer on a clean kitchen towel and gently roll them up in it. Works great and, unlike a salad spinner, a kitchen towel has so many uses.