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Sep 7, 2006 04:56 AM

Oxo Salad Spinner or Herb Spinner

I live by myself, well recently my brother moved in. I've been wanting a salad spinner forever now, however I keep thinking its way too big. I'm also thinking I don't need it since its really just me. Suggestions? Opinions?

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  1. I love mine. It actually stores quite nicely, because the push handle that sticks up actually locks into the spinner when not in use. Then you basically have a regular-shaped bowl.

    It's actually a great way to keep salad. Wash your lettuces in the sieve, dry in spinner, pour out water, place lid on, lock lid, and voila, into the refrigerator! Keeps well for a few days. Also, if you are serving all the lettuce at once, just empty the sieve into the bowl, dress, and toss.

    I've had other salad spinners and this one is by far the best. Yes, there are smaller ones, but this one actually gets all the water out with minimal effort.

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      I must cast what looks to be the only negative vote regarding the Oxo spinner. I had 2 of them. I loved them while they lasted, but they didn't last long. Both became skewed, making the lid very difficult to put on. This happened after a very short time.

      I now have a Kitchen Aid salad spinner I got at Costo. I've had it for twice as long as I had both of the Oxos and it is excellent. It also has the locking plunger. It also has several pieces that you can insert (which make the de-waterfication better if you have lots of lettuce in one load. Dewaterfication????

    2. I have the oxo salad spinner and absolutely love it. It does take up some space in the fridge, but is totally worth it because it actually makes your lettuce stay fresher for a few more days.

      1. I posted a query on this board asking what kind of salad spinner to get after my previous model expired. The near-unanimous vote was for Oxo which I got and absolutely love. We use it for salad greens but I also like to spin my Chinese vegetables in it after they've been washed and cut. It gets all the water off them so they stir fry without a lot of sputtering.

        1. OXO is coming out with a stainless steel spinner soon

          I need to have it!!!!!

          1. I used an Oxo at a rental beach cabin the other day and was very impressed.