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Sep 7, 2006 04:45 AM

Recipe to break in my new Le Creuset

I bought my first Le Creuset... its a 3.5 quart oval oven.. I want to celebrate, what should I make?

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  1. It has to be one of the 2 classic braising dishes: Coq au Vin or Osso Buco.

    1. Braised short ribs.
      Lamb shanks.
      Ragu bolognaise.
      Lamb vindaloo.
      Chicken korma.
      Moroccan chicken (with preserved lemons and olives).

      These dishes all call for good even heating.

      1. Now that it's getting a little colder (at least here in Boston), I'd go with a cassoulet or a choucroute garni.

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          Yep, I second the vote for cassoulet, its what i made to break in my first le creuset!

        2. osso bucco & brunswick stew are 2 of my favorites in it.
          also, as a side dish, love homemade baked beans

          1. I slow simmered beef chuck after browning in lard first. I added chilis,garlic, Mexican oregano, toasted and ground cumin, chopped onion S&P and some beef stock. That braised on my stove top in an LC pot all afternoon yesterday. We will have some very good burritos tomorrow evening.