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Sep 7, 2006 03:52 AM

Side dishes to complement a "blush" theme?

I belong to a wine and gourmet dinner group. The key ingredients are fun, great food and great wine. This weekend the theme is "blush". The hosts are serving rose, and we've each been instructed to bring dishes that are in some way related to the "blush" theme ... e.g., anything that's the color blush, would make you blush, etc. I'm responsible for a side dish and have been mulling over options like figs or beets. The side dish should complement salmon (blush in color). Any ideas? Thanks!

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  1. I just made a salad the other night with shaved fennel, cucumber and red naval oranges (they weren't blood oranges) - added olive oil, salt and pepper - could have benefited from some mint - the juice was a lovely blush color.

    1. I made a dish not too long ago that used rhubarb and I loved the color it turned in the cooking of it. Don't know if this helps. It was a sweet dish, but rhubarb could be made into a savory dish too I'd think.

      1. Radicchio risotto is a lovely rosey shade. I haven't made it for years, and I think my recipe was out of an otherwise uninspiring vegetarian cookbook, though I've heard that Marcella Hazan has a good recipe. I expect a Google search might yield good results.

        As for transporting it, you could check with the hostess about whether burners would be available before dinner. Just cook it to halfway through, then finish it there.

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          Ruby chard also produces a lovely blush colored risotto. I trim the ends of the stems, then cut the stems from the leaves. Cut the stems thin (1/4 to 1/8 inch) and put them into the risotto about halfway through the cooking so that they'll cook tender; shred the leaves and put them in about 5 minutes before done.

        2. hmm.. how about some sort of bean salad with pink beans and red onion?

          1. Couscous salad tossed with raspberry balsamic sauce. You could add any type of cheese, veggies, fruits or nuts. Super easy and definitely goes with salmon.