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Sep 7, 2006 03:35 AM

Dan Sungsa in K-Town--what to order??

Loved Dan Sungsa for its funky atmosphere and super hot spicy ribs! We let the waiter order for us and he ordered us som good food, but pretty safe (chicken skewers, etc). What is good there? I walked around afterwards and looked at the platters of food people had--looked incredible but I have no idea what it all was.

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  1. ok, i was there a few weeks ago, and the highlight was definitely tubular rice cakes in a very spicy red sauce with fish cakes. not sure of the name, but perhaps someone can fill in the blank? also up there were the scallion pancake, and kim bap -- korean food's answer to the sushi roll. the people next to us had a giant half watermelon plunked onto their table towards the end of the night -- its contents may or may not have been doused with some sort of booze.

    more info here:

    good times...

    1. I also love the kim bap, they are the perfect bite sized pieces! Fried chicken wings are crisp and juicy and the ramen is also wonderful. The rice cakes are the dduk bokkee, not sure how to spell it ..... I also love the soft tofu that is topped with green onions slivers, the kim maree (?) which are dumbbell shaped, lightly battered glass noodles wrapped in seaweed accompanied by a sweet dipping sauce. I've had a fish jerky that comes in three very hot, flat slices and served with mayo and tabasco. The pike is also tasty.

      1. I love Dan Sung Sa (fondly referred to as D.S.S.). They have great food, great atmosphere, and great customer service. There are many things on the menu that I love, most of which are mentioned above - the spicy pork ribs, kimchee kim bap, kim mari, and dduk bokkee. I also like their spicy seafood soup (hae mool tang), the fried chicken gizzards and the spicy fried pork with kimchee (jae yook bokkum).

        1. Ah, if only I expanded the search to go beyond 1 year... we just ended up ordering a bunch of skewers, the chicken wings and the pork spareribs. We also got the kim mari, which were really great. Just for fun, we got the chicken feet at the end, but I kind of wished we got octopus instead.

          Next time, I'll be sure to also order the scallion pancakes, the rice cakes and the kim bap. Any other suggestions?

          1. yum! sounds wonderful. where is this place?

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              On the corner of 6th and Berendo. Unmarked -- look for the crowd milling outside. The street address is posted over the door, though. 3317 is the number. 3317 6th Street. They have valet parking at the lot, but I would cruise for street parking along Berendo.