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Sep 7, 2006 03:31 AM

NY Noodletown. Need some info.

So, now that Summer is offically over I will finally be in the city this weekend and am venturing to Chinatown to stock up on Chinese groceries at Dynasty and sidewalk vendors.

While down there we usually hit New Green Bo or Joe's for shanghai. This time I am suggesting we go to NY Noodletown. I am sorry to say I have never been and need some input on your favorite dishes. Nothing too crazy like intestines or fish heads.


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  1. Its just basic stuff, congee, roast meats, or you can go for the noodle dishes like beef chow fun with garlic and black bean. The pork chop with seet and sour sauce. Sour pickled cabbage with squid or beef. Beef with tomato on rice. I think they have soft shell crabs and they are in season.

    1. -- salt-baked squid
      -- roast pig/baby-pig
      -- soy sauce chicken
      -- steamed shrimp dumplings
      -- duck rolls

      1. Get any of the barbecued items (on rice, if you don't want quite as much meat).

        Any of the dishes with flowering chives or pea shoots (or the just plain sauteed pea shoots) are worth getting.

        Any of the salt-baked items.

        Congees and noodle soups are good.

        I also recommend the ginger-scallion lo mein.

        1. I like their chowfun as well and squid and pickled vegetable on rice is nice too. But mainly roasted meats and noodle soups, and everyone raves about the salt baked stuff, but I've never tried them. Please report back!

          1. All of the above are great choices. I also love their Singapore Mei Fun. Great curry flavor and ingredients.