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Sep 7, 2006 02:56 AM

For 99¢ at Grocery Outlet in Marina . . .

. . . you can buy Lindt "Excellence" 70% Cocoa dark chocolate 3.5 oz bars or Kerrygold Pure Irish butter with fresh herbs and garlic 3.5 oz foil-wrapped individual stick.

We were there yesterday.

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  1. The "99¢ Only" stores in Southern California all carry the same stock. Other 99¢ stores are not as organized.

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    1. re: Cathy

      Grocery Outlet is not a 99¢ store. The price of the food items there can go much higher. Each is individually owned and a treasure hunt every time I step in one though some of the stock is the same. It's the same feeling that I used to have shopping at Trader Joe's when it was still a SoCal only chain and still had rock-bottom bargains, close-outs and small buys.

      Here's a list of all the stores.

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        They also have some wine specials. I bought a few bottles of Little Valley Napa Cab Franc for $4.99 per this summer. Not great - tasted like young vines, but varietally correct and and great value.


    2. Hi Melanie, My friends and I call the Grocery Outlet the Canned Food Museum. I love to browse through the canned items to see what is on the shelf. Haven't had the courage to try beef in a can. Their specials on other items can be very good. Thanks for the post.

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      1. re: KatMom

        Grocery Outlet in Grass Valley is my BIL's favorite store! He does all the grocery shopping and a fair amount of the daily cooking, so he goes to all the stores, and GO is the best.

        I accompanied him there, and it is a real cut above our Santa Maria location, though I can find many of the same items. He gets some good cheeses there that I can find, and wine deals that I can't! :(

        Each store has its owner/buyer to thank for the choice and quality of items. Grass Valley is lucky!

        1. re: toodie jane

          I have been to many Grocery Outlets and each one is unique, although they share many of the same products. I can always find great deals on cheese and have noticed a large increase in variety at the Santa Maria location. Grass Valley is quite a bit larger, but lots of great deals at both locations!

          1. re: supermom

            thanks for chiming in....I don't get to SM as often as I used to for shopping ( I used to service the nursery at OSH) so I must get back there and check it out.

            1. re: toodie jane

              I went to the S.M. location today and boy was it packed! I got a bottle of Capay Valley Syrah that was out of this world! I called to see if there was any more and they said there would be more on Sat. Also a 3 pack of feta cheese tubs for 4.49...I love this store!

        2. re: KatMom

          Today's excursion to the Salinas Grocery Outlet turned up Challenge organic salted butter for $2.49 per pound and Kerrygold Irish salted butter in an 8.8 ounce tub for $1.99.

        3. Just beware of the expiration dates. Grocery Outlet is the best but only for a short period of time. Eat it while it's hot.

          1. Melanie:
            Thanks for turning me on to this place. You were right-- I found a location not too far from home. But I will always remember my first astonishing visit to the one in Marina!

            1. The original comment has been removed