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Sep 7, 2006 02:51 AM

Best Steak Place in Providence

Recs for Best Steak place in Providence.

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  1. Have not been in years, but Capital Grille claims to be the premiere steak house in Providence.

    1. I guess Capital Grille or Providence Prime. Those are the two acknowledged biggies.

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      1. re: JaneRI

        Thanks. We were just at Capital Grille. It was ok. Is Providence Prime the same as Ten Prime?

      2. No, Ten is a different restaurant. Providence Prime is on Federal Hill (Atwells Ave), next door to and same owners as Providence Oyster Bar.

        1. Not a traditional steakhouse, but Chez Pascal does a really nice job with meat.

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          1. re: aunteejoy

            Yes, their Hanger Steak is excellent, but the steak options there are limited.

          2. How's XO Steakhouse? Anyone been?

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            1. re: Bostonbob3

              I was just going to post XO.... their roast chicken is awesome. I'm guessing their steak is good too.