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Sep 7, 2006 02:32 AM

Takeout in Danvers?

Can anyone suggest some decent take-out joints in or very close to Danvers? Also, any good spots for breakfast?

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  1. Regarding take-out joints, the best place that I can think of is Shubies, which is in Marblehead. Not exactly close, I know, but I can't think of anything decent in Danvers. The selection of food is tremendous: big case of great take out items - for example, nice selection of cheeses, baked ham, asian style noodles, marinated beans, yummy crab cakes, roast chicken, salads, etc. etc. They will even put your selections on a plate and heat items for you if you wish to sit in the store (they also sell lots of wine and other food items). They also have a great selection of baked goods and bagels from NYC. Really high-end food. My second pick is a local favorite, Henry's Market in North Beverly (on Rt. 1A). They have very traditional items such as roast turkey dinners, american chop suey, kidney bean salad and have a loyal following. However, I personally think that Shubie's is much, much better.

    No recommendations re. breakfast places. Maybe someone else can help here.

    1. Sue Changs on Lowell St Peabody, close to 128 head W on Lowell st Towards Rt 1.

      Mandarin Danvers - Endicott St Mall (Demoulas)

      Teneseee BBQ on Andover St (114) next to Verizon Cell store

      no "joints" like real downtown divey joints with cheap good food that I am familiar with but downtown Danvers has a few old school places that might be worth checking out