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Sep 7, 2006 01:42 AM


While on a long weekend in Ensenada mexico and in search of a good cup of coffee i started to walk around the streets of downtown ensenada, to my surprize the where a lot of coffee houses arround, so my trek started at caffe kaffa, ordered a espresso and they told me it was lavazza from Italy, well it was bitter and made very long it came fast from the machine, so i left and continued towards a bar called houssongs, very old bar locals told me to go theres another coffee house near by, after about 6 other coffee houses i arrived to this place called CAFETOMAS, right on 1st st next to mango mango restaurant, well wow this place knows what coffee is all about best coffee i ever had outside Italy, the espresso was balanced the Barista was a Pro!, great menu and english spoken ah yes i asked where the coffee was from and the Told me it was from Milan.

im going back to ensenada soon!! and ill be there for great coffee

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