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Daniel or Aureole?

Aureole seems to be prefered here, but reading reviews on other sites there are a number of complaints about the attitude of the waitstaff at Aureole. Food is of course the main criterion, but unpleastant waiters are unacceptable. Which is better?

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  1. I vote for Aureole. I had a dinner for two and the meal cost me around $500+. I was not wowed about the food and had better food and atmosphere elsewhere.

    1. Definitely Daniel. I was extremely unimpressed by Aureole. I felt a bit condescended to, and I felt that the food was uninspired and a bit tired. It was two Decembers ago, so I'm afraid I can't be more specific. I remember that the food had a kind of tepid, lukewarm quality. eeew.

      1. Would go to Daniel over Aureole.

        1. I concur - I've been to both in the past year and much preferred Daniel all around - food and service. Both rooms are lovely - Aureole a little more discrete, perhaps.

          1. No brainer: Daniel by a landslide.

            1. Charlie Palmer is a great man and a great Chef, but with an ever expanding Empire including the 400 million dollar Palmer Hotel in Las Vegas, I'm not sure how much time he has for Aureole.
              Daniel is superior in every way.

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                Aureole is Dante Bocuzzi's gem--but it in the CP "world". But Dante is the spark.

              2. At Daniel you will get the best service in the city. Their service is precise and professional. At the same time the staff makes you feel extremely comfortable. I always think it's such a blast to go there.

                1. Aureole--hands down.

                  First of all, the staff at Aureole are warm yet professional. They are the best in terms of making me feel like I am the most special diner each time I visit. If there professional, warm attitude is off putting to some, then different strokes for you know what.

                  Daniel staff is offensive, cold and makes me want to run for the hills (or Aureole or Bouley). Food there is only so so.

                  The staff at Aureole have the highest level of experise. The front and dining floor staff are so attentive and considerate--Alex, Ken, Hamid, Greg. Their sommelier Scott Brenner will put you at ease with his congenial. down to earth attitude yet expert/creative knowledge.

                  Dante Boccuzzi is running the shop and he is very involved in every aspect of the operation. Whatever Charlie is doing elsewhere is fine with me as long as Dante is there (and Dante--if you ever set up another shop--I will be there--table for 2 at 8 each week!!!!).

                  As to food, each time I am blown away by Dante Boccuzzi's new inventions. The recent Lobster Melon appetizer was the best restaurant offering I have had in my 20+ years dining out across the US and Europe. He may keep a low profile in the media (no reality show but I hear he is a great musician) but he has ever expanding dining horizons to offer you.

                  Best option is the tasting menu with Scott doing pairings or a bottle of Champagne.

                  Yes, the crowd is a bit UES but come on over and add your own spark. My friends/family are definitely not Upper East Siders--more downtown and we look forward to fighting over prime reservation times with you very soon.

                  Now, I can enjoy dining elsewhere (see my postings) but everytime I return to Aureole, I am reminded where I like to call my dining "home"--Aureole!!!

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                    Wow eve, you sure love Aureole! Dante is definitely a pro- was running Nobu Milan before Aureole, but he's no Charlie Palmer, and he's definitely no Daniel Boulud.
                    As for Service, I'm sorry you feel that way about Daniel's staff, I've never had anything but perfect service there.

                  2. This is such a no brainer: if you like mediocre quality food and snooty service, go to Daniel. If you like delicious food with warm welcoming service, go to Aureole. See I told you it's a no brainer!

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                      I think describing the food at Daniel as "mediocre" is quite a stretch. And I've not had anything but pleasant, professonal service.

                    2. I realize this is not going to make your choice any easier, but, definately Daniel.

                      1. Lunch at Aureaole was underwhelming.

                        1. For what it's worth, I have been to both (Daniel for dinner, Aureole for lunch), found Aureole to be pleasant but only just-so, and Daniel to be outstanding. Though they are by no means correct 100% of the time, I would say that most actual food critics would tell you this is a no-brainer, and that Daniel is in a class of venue higher than Aureole.

                          1. They are 2 different restaurants focusing on different cuisines. That being said I prefer Daniel--- i think it is one of the bests restaurants in nyc. Aureole is good and definitely worth trying. Daniel is just above and beyond almost any restaurant experience in nyc. The food is amazing and the service is always pleasant and very accomodating.

                            1. Where'd u wind up? How was it?