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Sep 7, 2006 01:27 AM

Daniel or Aureole?

Aureole seems to be prefered here, but reading reviews on other sites there are a number of complaints about the attitude of the waitstaff at Aureole. Food is of course the main criterion, but unpleastant waiters are unacceptable. Which is better?

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  1. I vote for Aureole. I had a dinner for two and the meal cost me around $500+. I was not wowed about the food and had better food and atmosphere elsewhere.

    1. Definitely Daniel. I was extremely unimpressed by Aureole. I felt a bit condescended to, and I felt that the food was uninspired and a bit tired. It was two Decembers ago, so I'm afraid I can't be more specific. I remember that the food had a kind of tepid, lukewarm quality. eeew.

      1. Would go to Daniel over Aureole.

        1. I concur - I've been to both in the past year and much preferred Daniel all around - food and service. Both rooms are lovely - Aureole a little more discrete, perhaps.

          1. No brainer: Daniel by a landslide.