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Sep 7, 2006 01:25 AM

SAVE ME! A date with a Kim Bassinger look alike!

I have a first date with dropdead gorgeous girl on the Westside of LA this weekend. We can go to any restaurant from La Brea to Santa Monica. The problem is that I am from San Diego and don't know LA restaurants very well. The requirements for the restaurant are that the food has to be amazing, the place has to be trendy and cool, not too loud and there has to be a possibility of getting a reservation. With your recomendations, you are throwing me a life preserver! Thank you Thank you!

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  1. I'm not an expert on trendy, but lots of trendy places are very loud and have mediocre food. So how about Chameau? It's tasty modern Moroccan food in a cool atmosphere, shouldn't be that hard to get a reservation. It's probably better to dine on the later side as the older folks dine earlier and it gets trendier as the night wears on.

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      Chowpatty is absolutely correct. Chameau is exactly where you want to go. Tasty food, hip yet cozy atmosphere, dark enough to be romantic. Go to Asia de Cuba and her eyes will wander -- there's lots of great people watching there, including people hotter than you both. Not to mention you're likely to be disappointed in the food (see the other post about worst meals in LA, though I don't think it's so bad)

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        Asia de Cuba is definitely not date country. Everyone is a size 000 and its take a sandwich if you go there. You want some good food and romantic atmosphere - La Cachette on SM Blvd in Westwood fits the bill.

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        Thank you so much for all the suggestions! We went to Chameau. The food was great and the date was even better! All the best!

      3. Both Normans and Providence have great food and most importantly awesome service. The ambiance at both places is trendy you can say but a mature trendy and not loud at all so you can concentrate on wooing your Kim Basinger hottie. =) I never have problems with reservations at these places but you should call ASAP just in case though. Here are the websites:

        By the way, Normans have these booths where you can draw curtains around the table for a more exclusive setting. Let us know how it goes!

        1. Just went to Cafe Del Rey @ Marina Del Rey today... phenomenal drinks and the eats are decent too. Great ambience (it's right by the marina, and if you time it right you two can watch the sunset!)

          The Republic is also another trendy restaurant with good drinks & eats with a live fire pit, waterfall & a wine cellar you would not believe. There's also a swanky club/lounge next-door, if you two are so inclined for that kinda stuff.

          There's the O-Bar -- yes it's situated right in the smack of West Hollywood, but they have plenty of semi-enclosed tables and boothes that allow for lots of privacy. Their cocktails (esp. the mojitos) & their desserts are amazing! It's also within walking distance from a few of the amateur comedy clubs nearby (on Melrose, I think) --

          And there's also Geisha House -- a bit less private than the other 3 above, AND their japanese food is mostly "Americanized" (it's not bad at all, but don't go there expecting the authentic stuff) but there's definitely a good scene going on in there with live DJ and usually a celeb or two about. Sake cocktails are a must there. ~ it's also walking distance to a few clubs nearby.

          And yes, let us know how your date turns out!!!

          1. Why not Asia de Cuba at the Mondrian? It's trendy. It's in a great location for after dinner fun. I think the food is tasty.


            Is this the Kim Basinger from "Blind Date" or the Kim Basinger from "L.A. Confidential"?

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              Yeah cuz if its KB from LA Confidential, you HAVE to take her to Formosa Cafe!!

            2. If it were me, Id go to: Asia de Cuba. Good date place, esp if she's so hot. Been around a while, but still a scene. Fun place.

              2nd Date: You gotta think ahead! If it goes well, ask her if she's been to CAPO in Santa Monica. Very expensive, but worth it! Take her to Casa Del Mar hotel around the corner for a drink before and/or after.