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Sep 7, 2006 01:21 AM

Are there any GOOD Cambodian restaurants outside of Long Beach?

I know that the center of the Cambodian world is supposed to be in Long Beach but lazy person that I am, I got to wondering if there are any good Cambodian restaurants at this [Koreatown/Hollywood/Echo Park/San Gabriel Valley] end of town?

Mind you, I know nothing of Cambodian food but am perfectly willing to learn. We met some people over the weekend with kids from Cambodia and they told me that the only restaurants they know of are in Long Beach so they don't get there very often because they live in Altadena or something. I thought that was sad. I got to thinking that there seems to be a Cambodian temple/community center on First past Beverly almost to Downtown [the electric orange/yellow place] and figure, if there's a temple, there must be food, right?

Any ideas or suggestions?

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  1. I believe Battambang Seafood, 1806 S. San Gabriel Bl., and New Battambang which just opened at 648 New High in Chinatown (and which was the original location of Battambang until it changed to O'Dombang) serve a combination of Cambodian and Chinese food. Also, I believe that Hai Au, a Vietnamese restaurant at 3219 N. San Gabriel Bl. in Rosemead has Cambodian items on its menu.

    1. Battambang was one of the better Khmer-Chinese restaurants in Long Beach before it moved north. The amok, satay, banana-blossom soup, frog with lemongrass and weird, bitter salads are all good. There is entertainment, if that is either a detriment or a draw.