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Sep 7, 2006 01:16 AM

TASTE - Prince Edward County

anyone going to this event or been in the past? Good? Bad?

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  1. Glad they got rid of that jazzy music from their web site. We went last year and I think we though in the end that it was pretty overpriced for what it was, but we were in the county anyhow so we had a go. It was not really local, more to cater to big city tastes. There were some good and some bad things. On the whole it was pretty soso. Jamie Kennedy was there to serve a salad shooter of microgreens if I remember (why and what that has to do with the county, I have no clue). There were some local growers (the garlic man :)), meat producers (lamb, goat etc..) a few local restaurants, and some PEC "wine" (yuk). Get there early and take a sweater, last year it was effin freezing and the place was a total madhouse.
    Oh and stuff was expensive. The tickets may cost 50cents but samplings were not cheap and the fight for tickets was a nasty one.

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      Thanks mbe..
      I think we'll be in PEC around that time, so we may check it out.

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        We went to Taste! and had an amazing time. We tried almost everything they offered :)

        For pictures, kindly visit:

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        What Prince Edward County wines did they serve that you didn't like? I've had some lovely wines from there.