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Sep 6, 2006 11:40 PM

Pulled Pork Sandwich Tour - Suggestions?

I want to sample the NYC's best pulled pork sandwiches in one night. Any suggestions on how and where to proceed?


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  1. I would give serious consideration to the berkshire pork "burrito" or "ssam" at Ssam (13th Street at 2nd Ave.)
    See my upcoming review.

    I was walking home afterwards and walked past chino's on 3rd Ave at around 18th street. The have a "better-bahn mi" sandwich there, though while not pulled...looked pretty good. I was this close to ordering one but resisted...this time.

    I guess you could do that as your second. Then walk over to Blue Smoke (27th bet. Lexington and Park) for your third pork sandwich.

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      1. Its a tough quest you're starting on-- my boyfriend is from NC and I think if he had known how hard it would be to get a decent pulled pork sandwich, he would have reconsidered his move.

        He did, however, enjoy the sandwich at Blue Smoke.
        Did not enjoy the sandwich at Old Devil Moon.

        Never been but someone suggested a place in Brooklyn to him once, Pig'N Out Barbeque?

        And the best he had so far was from a catering company that set up a booth during a street fair on Park. Never seen them since (sigh).

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        1. re: fornaio

          The person I am going with is actually a recent NC transplant. I assured her NYC was not the place for authentic BBQ, but we thought we would see what we could find. Any women who says they live for pulled pork, is worth touring with.

          1. re: tbear

            correction--any women who say they lived for pulled pork WITH CRACKLINGS, is worth touring with :)

          2. re: fornaio

            Was that Lil' Sue's BBQ, by any chance?

            1. re: fornaio

              A friend of mine said Pig N Out is good, but I have no idea how much he knows about bbq. I really liked Pies N Thighs, also in Brkln, and was there with a guy that spent part of his childhood in NC, and my husb who is from GA...NC guy said it was pretty authentic, except for the slaw on the sandwich, but liked it a lot. Husb thought it was ok.

            2. Can't tell you how authentic it is, but I'm a big fan of the pulled pork at Waterfront Ale House on 30th and 2nd. Get it with waffle fries and add alittle of Sam's Famous Hot Sauce to it, and you're good to go.

              1. Of course you aren't going to find the best North Carolina, Texas, or true southern BBQ in NYC.
                My favorite is pulled pork and I'd say I've been pretty happy with Dinosaur BBQ. I would probably pass on Blue Smoke, it is too commercial. Also, you should try Brother Jimmy's (some people say it stinks), RUB, and Daisy Mays.
                Good Luck

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                1. re: DessertQueen

                  I'm not trying to defend Blue Smoke's pulled pork sandwich (I've had great ones and not so good ones there) but I don't see how you can say it is "commercial"...especially considering it is the only one, other than RUB, that you listed with just one outpost.

                  1. re: dkstar1

                    You can try the Blue Smoke sandwich ($7)for the next few days, I believe, at a booth in Madison Park, not far from Shake Shack. It's a promotion for the US Open. (I saw this booth last Sunday so there's a chance it was just for the weekend) Oh and as long as I'm posting, is the chopped barbecue at Singleton's in Harlem (Lenox and about 135) still good?

                    I'm a bit dubious of the whole pork tour concept. I spend a lot of time in Tulsa and if a pastrami-addicted New Yorker asked me for advice on planning a pastrami tour of Tulsa, I'd tell him to forget it.

                    1. re: Brian S

                      I was just in the Park today and the Blue Smoke booth is still up. The pulled pork looked so good I almost ate twice.

                      1. re: livetotravel

                        I passed by there too. They told me Sunday is the last day of the $7 sandwich.

                    2. re: dkstar1

                      Blue Smoke is one of those restaurants that every tourist has to go to when they come to NYC. That's too commercial. Don't get me wrong, it's a good restaurant, but the others (like taking the adventure up to Dinosaur BBQ) are much better.

                      1. re: DessertQueen

                        I just don't understand the comment but I bet the owners of Dinosaur would laugh, being that they are the restaurant all tourists go to when you visiting Rochester.

                        1. re: dkstar1

                          Agree! Dinosaur is much more of tourist destination than BS. Every out of town guest wants to head up there. Maybe it has something to do with them having a cookbook? That's not to say the food isn't great.

                          I'm been to BS many times and while I'm not very into the preppy crowd I usually encounter, I would say they're mostly locals.

                          1. re: dkstar1

                            It's true that Dinosaur has restaurants in Syracuse and Rochester with a loyal following so a lot of CNYers like to make the trip to try the one here but that doesn't mean it isn't good.