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Has Anyone Tried Horlicks Malted Milk Tablets (Recently)?

Is anyone familiar with this product? I remember having it as a kid, and just saw that it was available online. If anyone has tried this candy lately, I would be interested in how it stacks up to my memory. Thanks!

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  1. Oh my gosh. I justed searched for these on Chow but couldn't remember the name. I am so glad they weren't just a figure of my imagination. I know this thread is old, but seriously, if anyone knows if these still exist, that would be great. I also wonder if they were really as good as I think or just a fond memory that won't stack up.

    1. TerriL, kindly post the link in which you found these. I use to love them when I was little. I love malt! I need to buy some.

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      1. I've seen them on sale from time to time in Oakland Chinatown. They come in two flavors, original and chocolate. I like the original better, more malty...I definitely like how when you chew it, it kinda sticks to you teeth, allowing for the malt flavor to linger in your mouth for a while.

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          ooh Elaine, I'm going there to see if I can find them, do you know exactly which store?

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            I scoured Oakland Chinatown and never found them. Please let me know if you come up with anything!

        2. One of my fondest memories of times with my grandfather was buying and eating Horlicks. I also liked the powder on ice cream. Please post the link!

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            sure i remember them, havent had them for years, i could eat a whole pack in a few mins, let them dissolve. oh yummy.

          2. I remember eating these tablets when I was little. I am now 46 years old and have to say it still rates as the best little snack ever... I too have been searching for the original Horlicks Malted Milk Tablets for years... I remember them coming in a really thick and tall bottle... Does anyone know where to find the original?

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              As mentioned several Horlicks threads, the powder for mixing with milk is not hard to find in Indian, Caribbean and Asian markets (in the USA), usually made in Jamaica or India. I have not seen the tablets. But, Vermont Country Store still carries them.

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                I ordered the tabs online a while back. The original malt flavor were great, the chocolate ones tasted awful.

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                  Horlicks was bought up by Beechem in the late 70's they then closed them down for a tax write off.
                  Last I heard they were making the tablets in the UK.
                  The original tablets were made from the Horlicks powder and then compressed into the tablets.
                  (I sure liked walking through the tablet room The woman on the tablet machines would hand me some on my way through).

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                    It appears from the Wiki article on Horlicks that it was just the US operation that was closed down by Beechem.


                2. I googled Malted chocolate tablets, I remember my grandmother used to buy thesefor me at the Merrill's drugstores in downtown Market Street in San Francisco in the early 70s when I was knee-high to a grasshoper, they were my favorite candies because they were "kind of healthy" so my grandmother didn't mind buying them for me, they were so yummy, she also used to buy me the Original "Swedish Fish" at the gourmet candy store (you had to scoop them out of a bin into a bag and they would weigh them) I'll always love foods and goodies that remind me of my grandmother.

                  1. OMG, I didn't even know that they are still around. I used to get them from the school tuck shop, even way back when I was so small and shy I would ask a classmate to buy it for me. I remember mine came in a short tube, rolled up in foil and paper. It was definitely one of my favourite candies. If you don't bite into it, it stays for a long time, and if you do, it sticks a bit to your teeth. I remember I loved how it tasted mellow and pleasant.

                    For those who are lucky to have tried them back then and now, is it still the same goodness?

                    Must get my hands on some. Seeing that the drink is getting available all over the place, I was always wondering why they do not think of marketing the tablets too.

                    1. Hello. I use to work at Horlicks when I got out of the army in1970,
                      We used to live op the tablets while working there
                      I have tried the new ones they are good but not as good
                      As the originals. The tablets are larger and they come in a small
                      Cardboard box the tablets are in foil ,12 tablets to a box, and
                      The price here I Racine, Wisconsin is $2.29 a box.
                      Tho not quite as good as the originals they are quite good.

                      1. They are exactly how you remember them. Get them and you'll see they have not changed. I grew up on them and still love them today.