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Sep 6, 2006 10:20 PM

What to order tonight at Nopa???

Any dishes that you all have had recently that I should not miss at Nopa. I am taking a friend for a birthday celebration. We both love dessert. Also, how would you rate their wine list or should I bring my own?

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  1. There riblet appetizer is very good. I had no problems finding a wine, I think we had a Rose from Provence.

    1. Nopa has a very well chosen wine list, and it's reasonably priced. Unless you have a very special bottle of older wine you want to bring, you should be fine ordering from them. The wine list is posted online on their website and seems pretty current if you want to check it out beforehand.

      1. I second the riblets and add the pork chop. One of the best I have had recently. As for dessert, the warm donut holes were lots of fun, with a clean, yeasty taste and delicious rum caramel.

        1. We had a great dinner last night at Nopa. Parking is horrible, but I expected that! We ordered drinks- mine an Old Cuban was good. The flatbread with lamb sausage and peppers was very good. I had the halibut and my friend had the chicken. The halibut was served with a cherry tomato and corn relish- cooked perfectly. I had a bite of chicken and it was some of the best chicken I have ever had. The skin was crisy and the meat jucicey and it had a slightly smokey flavor. I did not care for the bean sald that was served with it. For dessert we shared a peach and plum crisp. It was fine- nothing special- the texture of the vanilla ice cream was very good, but the flavor did not have enogh vanilla flavor for me. The one big downside to this place was the noise. It was so loud we could not hear our waiter and conversation was difficult.

          1. Went last night, got a bunch of appetizers. My favorites were the fried anchovies ($9), lamb riblets ($9; braised, then grilled, so almost falling off the bone), and flatbread ($10; super-thin pizza, really) with lamb sausage and cilantro. Cucumber and cherry tomato salad ($8), warm olives ($5), and baked shell beans ($7) were fine but not memorable. Excellent wine list with some interesting things by the glass ($6-7). Was only about half full at at 10pm so not too noisy.

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              I forgot, the shell beans were not exciting in themselves but were actually a really great thing to get with the lamb ribs. There were crispy bits of bread in the beans, so the two dishes combined to make a sort of cassoulet.