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Sep 6, 2006 09:44 PM

Region to Close?

Heard at lunch today that Region will be closing it's doors next month. Fiction or fact, anyone know?

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  1. If that's true, I consider it very bad news, indeed. Regardless of the numerous recent negative comments here, I consider Region to be among San Diego's best. In the relatively short time since the place has been open, I've only eaten there about nine or ten times, but never had a bad experience. Frankly, we probably would've gone more frequently, but besides being pretty pricey, there were a few times when I couldn't get a reservation at a reasonable hour. I hope the rumor proves false, as it doesn't speak well for the dining scene here when a place of Region's aspirations of quality can't make it. Bummer.
    . . . jim strain in san diego.

    1. Can't confirm, but I did read it on a bay area blog last week.

      1. Diva - Do you believe your 'source' has any particular reason to have any special knowledge?

        Jim - Completely agree.

        phee - Which blog?
        Does this blogger have any particular reason to know something like this?
        Has this blogger made previous declarations of this nature that have turned out true?

        The last time this rumor floated (about Feb 2005) it started - as far as I can determine - from a person completely unrelated to the restaurant, the food business, or anyone associated with it who simply saw it half empty on a night when he thought it 'should' be full given how much people were raving.

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        1. re: rotochicken

          Yes, the person from whom I heard this has a good chance of being reasonably reliable. But I wouldn't say with 100% reliability, which is why I asked here is anyone had heard anything. Usually when a fairly high profile restaraunt closes the information is out there. This info seems to be flying pretty low and I'm not entirely sure I trust that it's true.

          The purpose of my post really wasn't to try and be scintillating or insinuating, I really do want to know if the rumor is true.

          1. re: DiningDiva

            Thanks, Diva. I absolutely did not mean to imply in any way that you (or Jim Strain, or phee) were rabble-rousing or doing anything other than asking for/providing info. I, too, am simply looking for info, sorry if my post above came across as rude -chalk it up to apprehension that it is true. I have emailed a couple people, but have not heard back, and have worn out google to virtually no avail.

            1. re: rotochicken

              Don't worry, I didn't think your post was rude. A lot of my posts get misinterpreted, I just wanted to make sure eveyone understood I was just trying to get some confirmation and not trying to stir the pot myself. I sent an e-mail to the person that told me asking how he knew. One of us is bound to get an answer.

              I might add that even though my experiences there have been uneven, I do respect what they've been trying to do in terms of using local products and preparing them in ways that enhance the natural flavor without overtly compromising the integrity of the product. I always liked Michael Stebner's cooking at Nine-Ten.

        2. I am on Region's mailing list and received an email today stating that they are closing and moving to Phoenix. Their last day is October 20, 2006.

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          1. re: bereccca

            I thought I might as well just post the email. Here you go:

            Dear Friends,
            For nearly three years, you have been a major part of our success here at Region and many of you have become like family to us. For this we are deeply appreciative. And because we know how very important family is, we have made the difficult decision to close our beloved Region so that Chef/Owner Michael Stebner can be reunited with his children in Phoenix.

            So often in life when one door closes another one opens. A wonderful opportunity has come up for Michael and Ally in Phoenix and so San Diego’s loss will be Phoenix’s gain.

            We could not have achieved what we have without you. To thank you for your caring and support, starting next week we will feature *Your Favorites* every week until we close on October 20th. These are the signature dishes that Chef Michael and Sous Chef Ally are renowned for, the ones you always rave about. In addition to our regular seasonally fresh menu, you won’t want to miss your last shot at these tasty gems!

            Here’s the line-up for our “Gems of the Week”:

            Week of 9/12 - Antipasti Platter
            Week of 9/19 - Grilled Octopus
            Week of 9/26 - Lobster Risotto
            Week of 10/3 - House-made Salumi
            Week of 10/10 - Pasta Carbonara
            Week of 10/17 - Chocolate Boca Negra Cake

            We hope you’ll join us for the countdown as we celebrate each of you and all that San Diego has meant to us.

            Many thanks,

            Chefs/Owners Michael Stebner & Allyson Colwell
            Region Restaurant

            1. re: bereccca

              I will definitely make it a point to hit them up the week of 10/3.

              1. re: bereccca

                Thanks bereccca, I just got the email myself. Very depressing. Although I guess we'll be going for the middle four weeks, at least. Very depressing.

            2. This makes me sad. I've complained about this place on here, but it was mostly because I've been so frustrated with them for not making the most of the concept (in my opinion anyway.) I love the idea of using the local ingredients, etc. at a neighborhood restaurant. It's too bad they're not selling it to someone who can keep the fire burning, so to speak. Michael Stebner has been around for a while, from Azzura Point to 910 and now Region. He will be missed in the local dining scene.