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Sep 6, 2006 09:42 PM

best takeout in north toronto?

Can anyone recommend some GREAT takeout restos in North Toronto (within in the bounds of Bloor, Bathurst, Eglinton & DVP)? Any amazing out-of-the-way type places?

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  1. Congee queen and tako sushi do good takeout. They are both at Don Mills and Lawrence.

    If you don't mond going out of the way, A TON of kebab houses north of finch, on Yonge street that do alot of good takeout

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      Totally agree with Congee Queen. If you expand your boundary West to the Allen then you have to include Jerusalem on Eglinton. Hard to beat their falafel balls, fried tomatoes and dips. Churrasco Villa, mentioned recently below at Eglinton and Mt. Pleasant has better than average Portugese BBQ. Ribs and chicken travel very well as do the veggies and potatoes. Burger Shack at Eglinton and Oriole and Edo at

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        I third Congee Queen. I recommend the shrimp congee (a piping hot bowl of congee with 5 or 6 large shrimps) for less than $5.00 and a side of the deep-fried donuts. Some white pepper and a dash of soya sauce, and you have breakfast or lunch for 2 for $7.50.

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        Which kebab houses do you recommend north of Finch? I'm a bit overwhelmed by the selection, but I'm interested in trying some of them.

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          There is one south of Finch, does a ton of takeout, the place is never empty, called Soltani - 5372 Yonge Street

          The haven't figured out the best one north of Finch,
          There is 2 kebab houses in the same plaza as Pars Bakery, Just south of Centre Ave. One is better than the other. THe better one is orange-ish inside and has lots of cabbies coming in and out of it.

          Also, the market on the other side of Centre Ave barbeques meats outside on a big barbecue during the day (local men congregate around it), and make fresh middle eastern nan inside all day long. Last Saturday, I came in at 230am after a long night and picked up some fresh hot nan just outta the oven. So good...

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            I found this place recently called Kish Restaurant/Café on Yonge about four streets south of the 407. It's right across from the Lick's. Anyway, it's a nice little place, there are a few tables to sit at, and they make a great koobideh (ground beef kebab). You really gotta try the koobideh platter... the beef is freshly grilled, so juicy, tender, and flavourful. Comes with a ton of rice, grilled tomato, bit of salad and a drink for $5.99. Also, ask for a side portion of one of their sauces (I like the split pea one) to mix into your rice (the lady usually doesn't even charge for it). You can get the beef in a pita as well if you prefer.


  , Albert's? though it ain't exactly a hidden treasure.

      3. Good suggestions, thanks. Still need more within the area described, though.

        Would like to find some hidden treasures if they exist.


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          1. Sorn Thai on Yonge street, north of Eglinton, is just outside of your zone, but is a good takeout/delivery restaurant. Their Pad Thai (usually good but inconsistent) and Mango Salad has become a regular Sunday night order for me and my girlfriend. Although it is not really Thai their Hot & Sour Soup is very good - laced with fresh cilantro.

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              Second Sorn Thai-
              Just tried it last night. Really generous portions. The spring rolls and basil chicken rice were great. Not so impressed with their version of salad rolls. The food just seemed to taste better than what I've ordered at Joy Thai (another Thai restaurant nearby)