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Sep 6, 2006 09:38 PM

romantic restaurant

Celebrating our wedding anniversary this Saturday and looking for a romantic restaurant with fabulous food. Any suggestions besides the obvious Grace, Sona, Jar, Providence?

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  1. I had the most romantic anniversary dinner earlier this year at (of all places!!), the Polo Lounge in the Beverly Hills Hotel. We were in a very romantic dark corner in a nice roomy booth, food was excellent and gave us a wonderful anniversary dessert that was a work of art (unfortunately this was 6 months ago and I can't remember the specific details of what I had, but it was all excellent), and a very reasonably priced bottle of champagne (I think it was in the neighborhood of $45 or so..who would have thought at a place where you pay $25 for a glass, you can get a bottle for that price, and while I can't remember specifically which champagne it was, it was very nice. And my husband had the pianist play our favorite song when I came back from the ladies was a perfect evening! Also the Bel Air Hotel has wonderful food in a very romantic location. What I love about both places is that you can have a romantic's not blaring with noice which kills the mood for me.

    1. My S.O. took me to the Charthouse in Malibu. The food good NOT fab but the table where we sat more than made up for good but, not "write home to mom" food. I had fresh halibut and S.O. had prime rib. Should you go, make sure you call ahead for a res. Ask for a H20 view table. Also, if you like chocolate, order the lava chocolate cake. (when you order the rest of your meal). It will convert you! :) KQ

      1. I hear Little Door is one of the most romantic, but unfortch, have never been....

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          I'd second the Little Door for romantic. Just went a month or so ago.

          AOC is great, but romantic? Maybe on the patio upstairs... Try Lucques if you haven't been... much more comfy than AOC, I think.

          Angelini also great, but quarters a bit tight to be considered romantic. For a more cozy atmosphere, try La Terza.

          Providence is amazing... and quite romantic.

          Others to consider... Josie, Pastis, Bin 8945 (maybe), Dakota (if you're into the steak thing)

        2. I ate at the little door a couple of years ago and wasn't really impressed. It was fine, but not at all, outstanding. My fav's are Il Sole and AOC. I think Il Sole is really romantic and the food is outstanding. Jar was good too as was Angelini, but more NY than romantic. I used to really like MIX but they've since gone belly up. I'm interested in hearing other people's opinions too!

          1. Second the Bel Air Dining Room.

            Or, consider Ritz Carlton Huntington Restaurant.

            Geoffrey's in Malibu, with fire pits and an ocean view.

            Jiraffe for french, upstairs; Mimosa, Melisse, LaCachette or Ortolan, also for French.

            Capo for Italian.

            Happy Anniversary!