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Sep 6, 2006 09:23 PM

Cupcakes? [SEA]

I know about Cupcake Royale, but am curious if anyone has found other amazing cupcakes in or near Seattle. I like CR's cupcakes but I'm looking for something different: specifically, less frosting and a smoother, more dense frosting or icing. Maybe it's an East Coast thing, but I'm thinking something like a smooth, very dense non-fluffy chocolate icing or a thin layer of vanilla or other interesting icing. A little goes a long way if it's good, but too much feels heavy to me.

So, other good cupcakes in Seattle, particularly of this style? Please share if you know of them.


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  1. Certainly. Check out Marzi Tarts on 45th Street.

    1. Zeitgeist in Pioneer Square used to sell awesome cupcakes. They don't carry them anymore and noone seems to remember where they came from. I tried Cupcake Royale's thinking they might be a good replacement for them but they were like comparing Krispy Kreme to Top Pot doughnuts........

      1. Not sure if they are the same ones you like, but Zeitgeist had cupcakes in their case yesterday.

        1. I have it on excellent authority that we can anticipate a new cupcake shop on 14th and Pike (in the space where A. Buono Construction and Cabinet was for many years). There's also New York Cupcakes in Westlake (and Bellevue I think) but I was not blown away.

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            New info -- it actually will open in the Wallingford Center, and is called Trophy Cupcakes -- website I've only had these cupcakes at private functions, but if the retail product is even half as good, these cupcakes will be worth the trip to Wallingford.

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              I just saw that last night! Thanks for the link.

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                I second Trophy Cupcakes, we head to Wallingford about every other week for these.... not sure if you would like them though, alot of frosting, but oh so tasty. Plus they have great italian sodas.

            2. check out sugar rush baking company in west seattle. about 5 doors north of easy street records on the same side of the street. they have excellent cupcakes in 3 different sizes.
              everything i have tried there has been top notch. they also have a killer chocolate cream pie. you can thank me later.