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Sep 6, 2006 09:22 PM

Any good German food?

Looking for a good (settle for decent) German restaurant anywhere in Baltimore, DC or between.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Baltimore used to have a host of good German restaurants, but is now reduced to one mediocre one, Eichankranz (sp?) at Fagley and Fleet in Highlandtown. I still enjoy going their for schnitzel every year or so. Bienert's off of Philadelphia Road is an amazingly good sausage maker with limited retail hours for their raw product. Mueller's is a good German Deli about 1/2 mile north of Northern Parkway on Harford Rd.There are several places in town to get good sour beef and dumplings. My favorite is Dellarosa's on The Avenue at White Marsh. Despite the unpromising location, they also have great burgers.

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        Could you tell me what happened to Hauser's Restaurant in Baltimore? Their Sauerbraten was well known worldwide but even though you may have their recipe---it is still not like it was when you ate there.

        1. re: ludwig123

          Hausner's closed more than a decade ago.

          1. re: ChewFun

            Anyone know what the plans are for this location? I seem to remember reading something about a beer garden going there but a google seach doesn't confirm any of this. Am I making the story up?

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            A good chunk of the art ended up in the Milwaukee Art Museum in a spectacular building by Calatrava

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            I have heard Cafe Berlin is great. Old Europe is a waste of time. I went in there with my fiancee and the service was truly awful. They sent our cocktails after the meal, very odd. They also were sloppy and took FOREVER to bring the food, really shotty place. Save the money its a lot for nothing good.

            I gotta try Cafe Berlin and Cafe Mozart. Which is better? i hear CB is better but any thought? Also, any good Midwest food places in DC? like fried cheese curds?

            1. re: saxman930

              I hope Cafe Berlin's act has pulled together. the staff is friendly and nice but the food can vary. once it was perfect, but once the 'dumpling' was a lump of undercooked dough literally the size of a baseball. maybe that was a bad night. when they hit they hit.

              1. re: saxman930

                Cafe Mozart is more expensive than it should be. Cafe Berlin is so-so. I would not return to either.

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                  For a real, authentic German gasthaus feel, I like Cafe Mozart. I was stationed in Germany with the Army back in the early 80s, and for me, Cafe Mozart is a blast from the past. They have good beer, a GREAT sausage platter, various delicious schnitzels, excellent potato salad, very authentic desserts, friendly service, and on occasion good accordion-and-yodeling folk music. Cafe Berlin is a pale likeness of a German place -- the food is nowhere NEAR authentic. Another good German place -- but more of a bistro-cafe-coffee-and-dessert kind of place -- is Cafe Leopold, just off of M Street in Georgetown. Whereas Cafe Mozart is a blast from the past, Leopold is very sleek, very Euro, very contemporary -- and the clientele reflects that. So ... it all depends on what you're looking for.

              2. Old Europe in DC
                Euro Bistro in Herndon, VA
                and way out there but worth the drive on a weekend is the Bavarian Chef on Route 29 outside of Charlottesville, VA

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                  Second Euro Bistro in Herndon - I probably found it from this comment.

                  1. re: cbauer

                    I second the Old Stein Inn recommendation. Worth the trip for the beer alone.

                  2. there's a place called the German Gourmet (I think) on rt. 29 in Fairfax. It's a german food store that, according to this Board, has terrific brats to go.

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                    1. re: Meg

                      And all the accroutements, including beer and wine. Direct imports for the most part in terms of non perishables.

                      1. re: Meg

                        For wurst, better than German Gourmet is Heidelberg Pastry Shop (Arlington), because they put the wurst on their sensational lagenschaft pretzel-style roll. Get the bauernwurst. On Saturdays they set uo a lunch cart outside, but you can go in for lunch any day of the week.

                        1. re: Steve

                          Their German potato salad is to die for!

                        2. re: Meg

                          More specifically, it's in Falls Church, just a couple of blocks west of the intersection of Lee Highway (Washington Street in downtown Falls Church) and Hillwood Avenue. Near Elevation Burger.

                          Look for the banner "HOT BRATS TO GO" hanging from the awning.

                          1. re: MikeR

                            love this place, great for german beer, brats, and cheese!

                          2. re: Meg

                            German Gourmet used to be on 29 in downtown Falls Church, but has re-located to Columbia Pike at Bailey's Crossroads (which I guess is Annandale, but could just as easily be Alexandria or Falls Church). They have loads of great sausage, lots of good German wine, and a bewildering assortment of sauce mixes, flavorings, candy, and other Germania. Highly recommended for Deutschophiles!

                            1. re: RogInVA

                              It's Bailey's Crossroads. Has been for well over 150 years. Annandale is Annandale, Falls Church is Falls Church.