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Sep 6, 2006 08:29 PM

Great L.A. breakfast burritos (USC to Culver City)

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Alright already- I will try a breakfast burrito.

But I need some guidance. Here's the AM surface street route: Adams, Jefferson, or Rodeo from Western to Culver City.

If you tell me where, I will have one tomorrow morning and report back.

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  1. You are a good sport, Juliet.

    I don't know your route (tell us/me where in Culver City you end up and I/we might be able to help), but here is a search that reveals some threads that might help you:

    For what it's worth, a BB won't satisy the craving for the sandwich, but it might replace it in other ways, like the way a taco stand taco might replace a Sabrett's hot dog from the stand back in NYC.

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    1. re: PaulF

      Any of those three streets from Western just short of Surfas.

      Do they stay hot? Can I pick one up and eat it at my desk or should I eat it in the car ASAP?

      1. re: julietg

        They stay warm, for the most part.

        I'd buy one closer to work, then eat it at your desk.

        I've eaten them while driving. It's better when they are wrapped in foil, though, because there could be theoretical dripping.

        It would make a great YouTube video if you could capture yourself eating a breakfast burrito, talking on your cellphone and parellel parking all at the same time.

        Good luck on your search, I'll have to think about your neighborhood -- you are a couple of miles east of my turf.

        There may be a taco truck on Venice, near La Cienega that fits the bill, but I've never been there and therefore can't really comment. There might be something east of where you are on Washington.

        I drive through there a lot on my way to the freeway, if something catches my eye, I'll report back.

        Again, you're a good sport. Best of luck finding that egg sandwich. (I stopped looking for my childhood knish a long, long time ago.)

    2. can I just recommend you start off with the basics: eggs, potato, cheese and your choice of breakfast meat, salsa on the side.

      Simplicity is key in my opinion.

      There are other great combos like chorizo and eggs, with rice instead of potatoes.

      Umm, I want one now. it's 5:45pm, anybody know where I can get one right now in the East San Fernando Valley: Studio City, Burbank, even Hollywood.

      I usually go to Corner Cottage for my morning needs.

      1. You can get one at Cinco De Mayo Tacos, right next to Tito's. They will stay warm for quite a while.

        Benito's actually has decent BBs too.

        I have to say, I'm still on the hunt for the ideal breakfast burrito.

        1. Man, the best breakfast burrito I ever had, I used to get for lunch - from the taco truck, Mark's, on the Fox lot. Egg, potato and cheese burrito. The potatoes were like Tater Tots but super crispy. Combined with the egg and cheese - heaven in a tortilla. I think this burrito was all of $2.25 and it made a perfect lunch. I don't miss my old job but I do miss that burrito.

          1. It's about time, julietg. Three years ago my friends and I did a 'top-5' search for the best breakfast burritos in LA. We've tried a lot in the West Coast, focusing in L.A., Phoenix, and the Bay Area. On a smaller scale I've also searched in Chicago and NY.

            Here's the WestLosList:
            1. Cafe 50's on Santa Monica & Barry. Fresh ingredients and they don't skimp. Will get you through the day and the next morning.

            2. Big Tomy's on Sawtelle & Pico. Available from 4AM to 11AM.
            Solid breakfast burrito.

            3. Fox Roach Coach - Pico & Motor (in the lot) on the inconsistent side because the burritos are pre-made and some dry up during the day. Get them early.

            4. Tia Maria Juana's (I think that's what it's called)- On the corner of Washington and Sepulveda between Tito's Taco's and Johnny's Pastrami. Nothing special. 24-7 service though.

            5. Don't know name - Small-Chain taco joint on Santa Monica & Federal, next to the car wash. Breakfast burrito not their forte.

            But the best breakfast burrito that I've had in LA... Tom's (again, I think that's what it's called) on Telegraph & Rosemead in Pico Rivera. Exit East Rosemead on 5FWY then North on Telegraph. On Eastern side within 100 feet. Their potatoes are scalloped! Steamy, fluffy, thin with the right mixture of cheddar, sausage, and eggs. I've ordered their burrito for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the last five years whenever I pass by the area. Consistent. Can compete with the best breakfast burritos in the other cities.

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            1. re: sloe_torture

              #4 - That's actually Cinco de Mayo Tacos.

              #5 - You're referring to Benitos Tacos.

              (reviews for both linked above)