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Sep 6, 2006 09:01 PM

Driving from Toronto to Ottawa.

Anything worth stopping for between Toronto and Ottawa? A little roadside snack?

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  1. The "Big Apple" in Colborne is amusing, and serves up some pretty tasty pie. It's right off the 401.


    1. We always stop in Kingston at Pan Chancho and pick up some sandwiches, salads, dessert and drinks then head to the park for a gourmet picnic lunch.

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        mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm............ get their dragon noodles. so simple but so delicious and deceptively spicy. just cold egg noodles with spring onions and a few bits of small veggies covered in a chili oil. be sure to grab a dessert or some bakery goods to clear up the spice! you could easily make a small picnic at the shop.

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          Also in Kingston - Don't forget about Pan Chancho's sister Chez Piggy! Pan Chancho is great for snacks if you are on the go but chez piggy is beautiful to sit down and take your time. The cookbook that they published is definitly one of my most dog-eared. I love their food!

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            i just remembered... also go to the brew pub and get their bourbon pie. reminiscent of a butter tart in it's gooey sweetness, it's not as rich but really great.

            i also just recalled that i have had a pie at the big apple and it was really quite bad. the pastry was pale and far from flaky with a dull filling with nearly no spices.

        2. I would definitely pick Pan Chancho over the Big Apple. Pan Chancho is a lovely bakery and food shop in Kingston - it would be well worth the stop even if it were not en route. The Big Apple makes pie - but it is essentially a touristy "big thing" next to the highway, rather than a particularly chow-ish place.

          1. The big apple was maybe my most dissapointing food experience ever. I'd driven by main times and so was very excited to stop one day and finally try it. To be honest I don't think I've ever such blah pie, it was exactly the same as you can by in a box at any grocery store anywhere. Not at all the hot fresh pie I had imagined!

            Pan Chancho on the other hand is great. Definitely go there.

            1. I'm bumping this thread as I'm driving this route next week. Does anyone have any updated information? Thanks in advance.

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                No update - just visit Pan Chancho for sure, also White Mountain Ice Cream on Ontario St. (also in the market in Ottawa) and consider Woodenheads for wood oven pizza, and Luke's for awesome applewood smoked chicken.

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                  On your way home, get some fresh cheese from the Wilton Cheese Factory in Wilton. It's a five minute drive from the 401 near Kingston. Take the exit 599 (Wilton/Odessa). Their old cheddar is great. They carry cheese curds as well.