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Sep 6, 2006 08:36 PM

Coatzinga vs. Sunset Park

I just went all the way to Jackson Heights (76th and Roosevelt) from South Park Slope because I trust in the recommendations found on this board. Man, you guys are right on the money.

I had three tacos: a delectable, pineapple-ee Al Pastor, that somehow reminded me of a better version of Amero-Chinese spare ribs. A beef birria taco where the beef had been cooked so long that it really tasted like a better version of Grandma's pot roast, but with a Mexican twist. And finally, the best tripe taco I've ever had by far. At several other places in NYC and even in California, I've had tripe tacos that really tasted and felt like nasty innards. But this one was partially crunchy, perfectly seasoned, very porcine, mmm...I loved it, but it'll be a while before I try one anywhere except Taqueria Coatzinga.

Which brings me to my question: I've eaten at four or five taquerias on 5th Avenue south of 39th Street, and none of them have even come close. Can anyone who has eaten at Coatzinga recommend something really killer in Sunset Park for tacos? I can go without the hour subway ride--I get jealous the whole time of those who live closer to, or even in, Queens.

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  1. The feeling is mutual - I get jealous of people in Brooklyn, whole time while reading this Board...

    1. Try their al pastor chalupas.

      1. I have not found anything great in Sunset Park. I don't know why that's the case, given the large Poblano community.

        1. I'm really glad you wrote this. Taqueria Coatzingo has always been my favorite. I've been there twice this month and I think it's even better than last year. If you become a regular, I think you should try one of their daily specials. Birria, by the way, is always available as an entree.

          1. Does anyone know if the 82nd street branch of Coatzingo is as good as the roosevelt ave one? I have gone to the 82nd st branch only once and it seemed good but I was struck by the youth of the chefs...they seemed to be teenagers. Not that that means they can't cook well...

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              I didn't know Coatzingo had another branch. Where is it on 82? Tulcingo does, by the way, that's another good place.