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Sep 6, 2006 08:27 PM

tank noodle?

i am thinking about heading there next week. good choice? what should i order? i will be going with just one other person...should we get pho and something? just pho? just 'something'? all guidance appreciated! thanks!

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  1. Yes, the pho at Tank is (generally) exceptional, but there is really so much more...


    shredded papaya salad
    lotus root salad -- brilliant!
    goi cuon -- spring rolls
    cha gio -- fr. egg roll
    banh xeo -- pancake
    banh hoi nem nuong -- do-it-yourself pork ball rollups


    stir-fried bean sprouts with chives


    small lobster in the claypot


    catfish in claypot
    hot and spicy soup with catfish (it is not spicy)
    mackerel with black pepper


    sliced raw beef salad
    bo luc lac -- "shaking beef" // a French-style Viet. classic
    beef grilled at the table -- bo nuong vi


    spare ribs with hot lemongrass sauce


    chicken with lemongrass
    goi ga -- shredded chicken salad


    bo nhung dam -- beef "fondue"
    grilled pork ribs with salt & pepper
    Chinese watercress s/f with garlic


    banh mi heo nuong
    banh mi ga
    banh mi thit nguoi


    A good "beginner's" pho is pho tai/nam

    Egg Noodle Soup:

    mi bo kho -- beef stew with egg noodles

    Rice noodles:

    Bun ca ri ga -- chicken curry with rice noodles

    Rice plates:

    com tam tom suon
    com tam suon cha

    For reference, Tank has a new website:

    And, please, try searching these boards for more information. I, personally, have drafted more print for Tank Noodle (both here and at LTHForum) than perhaps any other establishemnt. Hundreds (if not thousands) of words.