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Sep 6, 2006 08:08 PM

Grass fed beef from Al Rosas farm- opinions?

I'm looking at purchasing beef/chicken from this farm and was wondering if anyone has done so, and what their experience has been.
Thank you-

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    For those of us who never heard of them...

    I don't think I'll be paying $14.00 a pound for a rump roast...
    Not when I can go to the latin markets and buy insanely tender and flavorful Skirt for $4.49 a pound... Or Chuck Eye steaks for $3.99lb...

    Holy Guacamole!

    If you're loaded, and the stuff really is that great---then God bless ya!

    BTW, his wife is hot!

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      Rosas Farms
      Citra, FL, Citra, FL

      1. Long-dormant thread but a good subject. I've never seen Al Rosas beef distributed down here in Miami nor have I seen it in any restaurants. I have found grass-fed beef from Gaucho Farms in Uruguay sold at the Vagabond Farmers Market - and it was pretty good.

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          Interesting you revive this thread now when Al Rosas is getting slammed all over the place for being a not so nice guy.

          Anyhow, I did see that meat at the Vagabond Market and was curious. What cut(s) did you order and did you find it worth the price? It seems to go fairly quickly

          1. re: Icantread

            Here's the post on our "Vagabond Dinner" ->

            We got a NY strip and I thought it was very good. I haven't been to Vagabond for a while, but the Gaucho guy usually has some selection of NY strip, ribeye, and a big long tenderloin (like a chateaubriand).and they're vacuum-packed and wet-aged. Memory fades, but the prices were probably somewhere around $15/lb.

            I've also seen Gaucho Ranch products (steak and burger) on the menu at Norman's Tavern & Grill on Collins Ave. around Collins Ave. and 67th St. It's a little disappointing to me that grass-fed beef is so scarce even in many of the local places that proclaim a dedication to local and sustainable.

            As for Al Rosas - I've often wondered why you didn't see his products on more local menus. If the exchange regarding the pictures on his website is any indication, I can begin to understood why folks might not want to do business with him.

            1. re: Icantread

              I've also purchased the Gaucho meats from Vagabond Market, but you should also be able to find some of their cuts for sale at La Estancia Argentina in Aventura. I saw them in the case while perusing their offerings a few weeks ago during lunch.

              1. re: drangelo

                Argentinians selling Uruguayan meat?! Now there's a scandal

                1. re: Icantread

                  I think for a while at least there were pretty significant import restrictions on Argentine beef, and pretty much everything you found in the Argentinian markets here in the US came from Uruguay.

          2. The question is - would you buy from someone who runs business unethically and steals from bloggers?


            1. The original comment has been removed