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Sep 6, 2006 07:58 PM

Good Eats Guide

Hello All,

New here, so I hope this is okay.
Good eats hounding, farmers market hunting, will stop for baked goods, cheese eating, wine drinking pastry chef coming to S.F.
Oct.5-8. If you are of like mind, (and being on Chowhound, I assume so)and free to while the day away checking out chocolate shops, markets, bakeries, restaurants, and wineries...won't you come show me around? I'll provide dry sarcasm, and pay for gas.

Thanks Much.

PS (thanks Robert)

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  1. Etiquette for arranging events is to post an email address or forum for followup.

    1. The annual SF Bay Area chowhound picnic is Saturday the 6th. You may still be able to sign up.

      info about the picnic (and picnics past):

      sign-up info here:

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