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Sep 6, 2006 07:47 PM

Insider Amsterdam?


Next week I'm going to Amsterdam for the first time. I'm defintiely going to the Albert Cuyp market and the Noordermarket (sp?) and I was wondering what the best stands are/ what I need to try?

Also are there any stands out side of the markets that are a must? All of my meals are pretty much planned out - but I can always make room for snacks!!

Thank you!

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  1. Frites !! There are a couple of stands around the city that I prefer. The one just off the Rembrantplein is great. The Mannekin Pis on the Damrak is another good one, but the best one IMO is on Vooteboogstraat near the Konnegsplein. Try them with Sate Saus. It is a great city,have a great time.

    1. Just got back from Amsterdam and was terribly disappointed with the Albert Cuyp market. Not sure if it was just the timing of it all but the market was more like storefronts that tumbled out onto the streetscape including one place that was selling your usual pharmacy shampoos.

      We only saw about 4 stands selling food to eat on the go. The only frites place actually had to shut down just after we made our order because the gas tank wasn't working properly. Beside it was some odd vietnamese snacks and further down the street was stoopwafels and a pickled items stall selling marinated fish pieces.

      If you're into beer, I missed out in trying it but there's a bar in the downtown area a touch to the west that has 200 beers available. it's across from this quaint but well stocked beer store which I unfortunately can't remember the exact address of! Sorry!

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        I was just at Mannekin Pis on Damrak on Sept 15th...sorry you missed it as the fries were amongst the best I have ever had.

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          Food to eat on the go isn't really what the Albert Cuyp market is about. It's a market to do your shopping: anything from stockings and underwear to fish, bread and vegetables and yes, shampoo. Some of the most ineteresting shops do not have a market stall but are located in one of the streets just off the market (Toko Tjin, for instance, where you CAN get food to eat on the go - terrific Surinamese sandwiches and snacks; a couple of wonderful Turkish and Moroccan butchers that also sell vegetables that are very hard to find elsewhere in the city (cardoons, for instance)).

          There is a wonderful spice shop that sells every spice and dried herb imaginable, and they also have all sorts of old fashioned Dutch candies and liquorice .

          There's the guy baking fresh stroopwafels, a great herringstand, and further down the street (the part of Albert Cuyp street where there's no more market stalls) a lovely upscale bakery, Bakken met Passie, who make terrific bread and pastries.

          Besides the herringstand, there are a couple of fishmongers where you can also get smoked eel, a Dutch specialty.

          not food, but very interesting for anyone interested in cooking, is the cookware store Duikelman - just around the corner from the market.

          There's plenty to see and do and eat there!

        2. I was just at that market a few days ago. Not a whole lot of take away, but I did notice a stand selling rotisserie chicken, another selling profiteroles and a chocolate stand. What impressed me about Amsterdam as a whole is that you cannot go a few blocks without hitting a herring stand, bakery or cheese shop. In addition the small markets have lovely offerings of cured meats, snacks, salads etc, IMVHO, the whole central city is conducive to walking and eating.