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Late Night Eats in Park Slope

I've been very frustrated looking for a late night eatery in the Slope. Anyone have any suggestions for late night weekday eating? I checked out Long Tan on 5th which was still serving dinner and drinks at 11pm on a wednesday night...
Any ideas? Fave hangouts? Thanks!

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  1. Great question. Taco Neuvos is open late and I occasionally stop by for a late-night drunken snack, but I'm interested in what other options exist out there. I've had food after minight at Blue Ribbon, too, but that's not something I can splurge on too often.

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      A tough one, right? Even the 24 hr diner are pretty awful. Purity, Grecian Corner. Yuck. HELP US!

    2. Forget it. This neighborhood is PICKY about hours, including being open for lunch, open between lunch and dinner, and keeping the kitchen open past 11. Daisy's diner is on 9th and 5th. At least they stay open all night. Also on 5th...each and every fried chicken dump, Joe's of the Village pizza, and Lenny's. Even our local Chinese take-out places close before midnight.

      If Cafe Steinhof served food until 2, we'd be in a lot better shape.

      1. Blue Ribbon is open late every night, and they are religious about it: even if you come in at 2 am and there's no one else there, they will still feed you. I know it's not particularly cheap, but the drinks are good and you can always just get a bowl of soup.

        1. I know these are not Park Slope, but I work in Red Hook and live in Ditmas Park, and often come home from work between 11 PM and 2 AM and need a little something. Of course, I'm driving, so I have a bit of range. Nothing I know of in Park Slope is worth it at these hours. I think Smith St Gravy seems to have some potential, but it hasn't come close to living up to it in several attempts. My late night stops are Karam in Bay Ridge, Sahara on Coney, Madina on Coney, and Ital Shak on Nostrand. I would love it if there were a latenight place on 4th or 5th Ave. There's a kind of Roti Shop place that opened on 4th and Bergen that is open late. I had a patty there. It was gross.

          I haven't tried Sunset Park late.

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            There are some pretty good Chinese places open late in Sunset Park, some as late as 3am.

          2. 7th Avenue Donuts on the corner of 9th Street and 7th Avenue. They make no pretenses of who they are and they have wonderful donuts and coffee. Their grilled cheese sandwiches and eggs (which they serve all day) aon't so bad either. I don't know if they still do this, but every other day they used to make Virginia ham on the bone. I thought they had it close to down pat. Just enough sweet glaze on the fat/skin and a nice brine in the meat.

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              Second the motion on 7th Avenue Donuts - IIRC, homemade soup and a grape jelly doughnut - that's a meal! They've even had herbal tea on occasion.

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                Which corner is it on? I've never noticed this place and I walk by there just about every day.

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                  It's not on the corner. It's a couple of storefronts in, maybe next to Brooklyn Industries, near the northwest corner. It's not great, but it definitely takes top honors among the sea of mediocre diners in Park Slope. The doughnuts are pretty good. Stay away from the sickly sweet milkshakes.

              2. Bar Toto on 6th ave and 11th street is open late. I've eaten there at 1am on several occasions. I've eaten way late at Blue Ribbon as well, but that is $$$$ for late night eats. Park Slope Ale House's kitchen is open pretty late depending on their whim. I've heard Cafe Steinhof is a nightowl place but I always head for the trusty Bar Toto because I know they will serve me the full menu.

                1. i know this isnt in park slope but the new place in bay ridge mythai open until 2am everyday. i tried there once, it was good, especially their calamari (yeah, i keep telling people about their calamari lately lol). it's on 3rd ave and 78th st, i think it is kinda cheap too, calamari is just $5 (im talking about it again), pad thai is like 7,8 bucks, great potion.

                  1. Blue Ribbon is king of the late night. worth every penny- great food, excellent service, no vibe, friendly, attentive, excellent. great burger, great soups, great steaks, great seafood, oysters and raw bar, good lobsters, good fried catfish sammich, good matzo ball soup, great great great!

                    1. Tacos Nuevo Mexico, as mentioned, is open late. That was always my regular stop. They usually serve until 11.30-12. If you're just grabbing a bite, you can get tamales down on 4th ave between 10th/11th (if you're coming off the train late, this is a good option). I like 7th Ave Donuts as well; so far, my favorite diner in the neighborhood. At Bar Toto, I'd highly recommend the Pappardelle Bolognese, it will keep you going back.

                      If you drive, you can get tacos closer, at the bakery on the west side of the street on 5th Ave, maybe 23rd or 24th st??, or further down at Ricos Tacos, 505 51st St, just east of 5th Ave (Sunset Park). The latter is well worth the trip.

                      1. fifth avenue diner is 24 hours. by far the best diner in park slope.their menu has everything and the food always taste good. they deliver late night as well but not sure if they deliver 24 hours.

                        1. 200 5th is open later than a lot of stuff in the neighborhood. (5th Ave and Union) (Mon-Wed til 1AM, Thurs til 2AM, Friday and Sat til 3AM, and Sun til 1AM) I discovered this when a friend visted from the West Coast, and wasn't going to hit the area until midnight. What a PAIN to find a place open at 1AM on a Thursday and serve you non-burgers and a beer, let me tell you. :)

                          1. This is a great post that has been started..There is a new place on 5th avenue and 16th street called SideCar..opened in Aug of 07'..Serves food till 4am..now there is finally a Blue Ribbon competitor for the Slope Zone..Small but more than adequate menu..comfortable and welcoming interior..The place visually looks like a bar at first, but there is also a rear food bar where you can watch the exposed kitchen in action and have friendly conversation with the chef **Providing its not too busy at the time...The bartenders are all friendly and welcoming, unlike some other trendier spots in the area..They have a nice salad and some other interesting appetizers and entrees..all wonderful. I haven't been disappointed as of yet...Definitely try this place out...Does anyone have any info on this Henry's End place i keep hearing about?

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                              i was also going to mention sidecar...if you head over to 16th street. they serve nice, reasonably priced drinks too. (i had a sazerac cocktail made with overholt if i remember... and my friend got a pimms cup) i didn't get to try the food but the menu looked perfect for late night chow. the bahn mi sandwich looked tasty...as did the burger.
                              the whole place has a really nice feeling about it...and the prices were much more reasonable than blue ribbon--which admittedly sometimes feels like a chain restaurant to me.

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                                I will agree that Daisy's Diner on 5th and 9th Street aint too shabby.
                                I am surprised no one mentioned the Brooklyn Burger Bar. Their kitchen is open until 12 but be warned- the service is POOR. I have never once in my times going there had even decent service. I blame the management as any proper manager would not allow for such lameness. The food is hit or miss but usually tasty. Your burger might not come as you ordered it cooked so just keep that in mind. For a late night bite though, its not the worst when weighing your options.
                                Also, Union Hall on 5th ave and Union street has their kitchen open til midnight. I imagine on the weekends its too much of a mobscene (so sad we can't live in Brooklyn in peace) to work your way to get a table to even eat at but if you're planning on doing it during the week, I bet you would have luck. Their menu has always intriqued me but I've never ordered.

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                                  I think everyone can agree to stay away from Brooklyn Burger Bar. You'd be better off walking two blocks to 7th Avenue Donuts. What about Dram Shop? When do they stop serving their tasty burgers? Anyone know?

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                                    Seventh Avenue Donuts is picturesque but the food is miserable, by any diner standard.

                                    For the record, Rico's Tacos in Sunset Park is supposedly open twenty-four hours on weekends, and real late on weekdays. If you can make the trip, hoo boy, that's some real fine late night food.

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                                      But compared to Brooklyn Burger Bar it's Kobe beef.

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                                        IMHO you are way off about 7th Ave Donuts. It's probably the best PS diner option, which admittedly might not be saying much. Little Purity seems to becoming more and more popular, but it doesn't have the old school, basic diner fare appeal of 7th Ave Donuts. It's not terrific, but it's certainly not miserable....

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                                          Maybe it was an extremely off day at 7th Ave Donuts. But this level of off is, for me anyway, inexusable. We didn't ask for anything outside of a reasonable diner repertoire: eggs, liver, and standard sides—home fries, etc. Several in my party were experiencing erm 'munchies'. So the cards were heavily in favor of the diner. And yet we ate maybe 10% of what was on the table. That's a pretty bad showing.

                                          Of diners in PS and environs, the only ones I've been comfortable saying were even worth bothering with are Daisy's and Fifth Avenue, which are pretty much right next to each other, on Fifth down near 9th Street. Both are open 24 hours.

                                          I've heard enough about Purity to never step foot in it. Tom's has its charm and a pretty good kitchen, but limited hours. The Dominican versions (Los Viejos, Gran Castillo) are generally superior in their own way, but none to my knowledge stay up past midnight.

                                          1. re: zbs

                                            It's pretty much a fool's errand to try to rank these crappy places against each other, but I've tried them all numerous times and can't imagine what factors would possibly propel Daisy's and Fifth Avenue above the fray.
                                            As mentioned above, Sidecar is open until 4am, and the burger is quite good, but I haven't had anything else there that made me want to have it again, given the price points of most things. The vegetarian tacos are the biggest ripoff at $14.

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                                              My hope is that this "fool's errand" may prove useful for someone in dire need of overcooked eggs and potatoes (fried relatively recently) after the bars close. I grew up in the southwest, where this routine, conducted closer to 2 am and generally with more geographical leniency, was reliably satisfying but still essentially a matter of bad food. My analogous experiences in this city, when I can remember them, have on occasion been sufficient to offend even my heavily addled taste buds (for the record, this includes Kellog's, Anytime, and 7th Ave Donuts).

                                              There is bad food and there is inedible food, and the distinction is not irrelevant.

                              2. Finally!! Cyprus Avenue and Black Sheep have a menu that is serving until 2am. Awesome food. Awesome Place, and Black Sheep is open until 4am.

                                Cyprus Avenue
                                52 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217