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Sep 6, 2006 07:42 PM

Time today at All Star Sandwich Bar: Weekly progress report.

I should have known better than to be excited about going right to the register when I noticed all the people (ostensibly) waiting for food. Promptly ordered one BLT and one Beef on Weck.

Number of people behind the counter; twelve

Time from order placed to order received; 23:02.5

I'm happy to see that some things had changed for the better since last week. The noise level is way down, though still rather loud and they began to amend the pricing issues with their "a la carte" items such as the $0.50 oreos (!!!). But it is still painfully slow. I really find it hard to believe that there is any professional training there. The kitchen area is almost equal in size to the dining area, the customer to staff ratio is 3/1 and they're still taking twenty minutes to place an order.

SLOWLY improving. Hoping that they're further along by next week.

By the way, the BLT is very very good.

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  1. Thanks for the report. How was the beef on weck? That's what I'm looking forward to getting from ASSB. I missed out on getting one in Rochester during my cross-country drive, so when I saw it on the menu at All Star I was excited to get a second chance...

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      Beef on Weck was very good. While I was there, I must have heard five orders for them so I would guess that it is among the more popular selections.

      The roll is nice and crusty with liberal salt flecks and caraway seeds. The beef au jus was very good. If you can get away with a beer on your lunch break, I'd say that along with an IPA, you've got a solid meal to get you through the day.

      To Kittychow below, I didn't notice lunch specials, that was my bad.

    2. 23:02.5
      Hilarious! I'll have a tough time not watching the clock next time I drop by. Did you notice if they had a sandwich special?

      1. I had a grilled cheese from All-Star last week and was not impressed. Granted, it was a grilled cheese, but I felt like I was consuming a vat of melted lard. Too much cheese, way too heavy. The brioche was buttered, which seemed to soak all the way through, instead of just creating a crispy outer layer. A friend's sandwich looked equally slather-y.

        But I loved the chocolate chip cookies -- delicious. I wouldn't be surprised if they were Toll House recipe. Yum. And they are a nice little size. Not the bigger-than-my-face cookies that a lot of places serve.

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