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Good Fish Place: Not as Fancy as Le Bernadin but better than B.R. Guest

The title pretty much says it all. I'm looking for suggestions for a great fish place that is not as fancy/expensive as Le Bernadin or Oceana, but has better food than the BR Guest establishments such as Blue Water Grill, Atlanic Grill, etc. I was thinking BLT fish. Any other superior suggestions?

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  1. Aquagrill

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    1. re: Lucia

      absolutely Aquagrill

    2. milos 55 near 6 th ave

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      1. re: intrepid

        Milos would be great. Setting is upscale, kind of in between BR Guest places and Le Bernadin. There is the daily fresh fish display on a bed of ice. Food superior to any BR Guest place.

      2. Esca.

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        1. re: LJW

          another vote for Esca.

        2. Tides

          1. Any of the above recommendations are much better than BLT Fish. I agree with the recommendations for Aquagrill, and it would be my first choice, but Esca and Milos are also very good. Have not been to Tides.

            1. Pampano

              1. I recommend Aquavit. They also have a bar menu and bar seating. Last time I went to Aquagrill they were offering Atlantic salmon, which kind of says it all. This was a couple years ago however so things may have changed.