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Sep 6, 2006 07:27 PM

Please recommend restaurant in Costa Mesa/Hungtington Beach?

Going to OC the first time and staying at the Hyatt Huntington Beach by myself.

I love food (quality rather than quantity cause I don't eat much). Like to find a restaurant/bistro with great food (Italian, Fusion, Californian, Southwest etc. etc.). Want to stay at below $30-35 for main course, or about $60-70 for a meal (I don't drink).

Like a bit casual atmosphere, not too formal/stuck-up. For a lone dinner some place with great people watching would be good.

Heard about the Five-Feet in Open Table but don't know if it is worth it - especially with a $60 tasting menu.


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  1. Dukes or Chimayo at the beginning of the pier. There's also a good Italian place near the theater across the street from the pier. Wahoo's on Main St. for some decent fish tacos (although there are better things on the menu). TK Burgers should be pretty close to your hotel. Aloha Grill, also on Main St. for a Hawaiian flare.