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Sep 6, 2006 07:24 PM

Pizza by the slice-Richardson

I work in Richardson and was wondering where i can get some good pizza by the slice for lunch. I'm in the Campbell/75 area.

I typically just like a large new york style slice with sausage. Nothing crazy or super gourmet.

Thanks for any advice!

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  1. I used to work in Richardson and a bunch of us would go to Pizza Villa at Beltline and Central (on the eastside). It's a total hole in the wall but they had great NY pizza by the slice. Now this was about 10 years ago so maybe the owners have changed or something like that but it's worth a shot!

    1. I live by Pizza Villa and I think its a good local pizza place. Cash only and the cola selection is very limited (RC and Welches Grape) but the pizza is tasty. I always get whole pies. Not sure about pizza by the slice though. Thin crust and nice selection of toppings to choose from. Still owned by the same people I belive.

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        I love the crust at Pizza Villa. Not soggy and not too crunch to where you feel like you're eating a cracker.

      2. I've not tried the pizza at Aboca's Grill but I have had other food items and it was all good. They do sell pizza by the slice.

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          i like aboca's a lot too, and i've had the pizza, which was good stuff

        2. Thanks for the recs! I'll def try them out soon.

          1. I stopped by Aboca's yesterday for a couple of slices but they don't sell slices in spite of what their web site says.

            I did get a whole pie and was not the least impressed by their pizza. Plain crust with indescript sauce and cheese. I'll not be getting their pizza again but I still like their other menu items.