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Sep 6, 2006 07:22 PM

Jimmy John's [moved from Midwest]

WOW! I am a visiting east coaster and I've gotten to try some Jimmy John's subs on my past couple of trips to MI with my Michigander girlfriend.

I think the Italian Night Club with mayo is one of the best Italian subs I've EVER had, and I'm from North Jersey! I mean, most of what Jimmy John's has is average, but their bread is absolutely SUBLIME for really puts the whole experience over the top. Back east we're stuck with Quizno's and Subway for chains (luckily there are plenty of good Mom and Pop's). Jimmy John's is far far superior.

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  1. The Italian Night (#9) and it's little brother Vito (#5) are both very good while the rest of the sandwich lineup is as you say mediocre. I think it'd be improved measurably if sharp provolone and/or roasted red pepper were available as add-ons, but hey, I'm in Ohio, we don't know about or have that good stuff here.

    The local one I have been to has an even larger mostly-italian-style-sub sandwich called the Gargantuan, but I am plenty satisfied even when really hungry with the 9.

    The bread is typically available for sale the next day (as day old bread) for cheap, and is still quite good.

    1. I rather like the Club Lulu with turkey breast, bacon, tomato, lettuce and mayo.

      1. Yep,
        I have the same impression of the #9. I get mine with the "hot" peppers (not really hot at all) and light mayo. Sublime is the appropriate word here. As good as or better than 99% of the subs that I've had prepared at any authentic Italian deli in my life. Jimmy John's #9 is EXACTLY what I am striving for but rarely realize. A magnificent achievement indeed from a chain.

        p.s...Also try the tuna if you haven't already. Pretty nice change of pace now and then.

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        1. re: Jeff from Michigan

          I just visited Jimmy John's for the first time last weekend. After hearing about it for so long, I was expecting a least better than Quizno's and Subway. I found it not to be the case.

          I actually ordered the Italian Night. The meat and cheese was OK, I guess. But the buns were spongy and tasteless. And kind of cold, too. It reminded me of those supposedly "fresh" sandwiches that supermarkets put out in the case near the deli counter. It was a slow Sunday evening, and maybe that affected the quality. But I would rate Potbelly way over Jimmy John. And, of course, any Mom and Pop joint would be better. I recently moved to Minneapolis, and even here I've found decent Mom and Pop subs. I can't see eating at JJ again.

          1. re: FireRev

            bun? you clearly did not eat at JJ's

        2. lol, i love it - that post sounds like it was written by the first man on the moon. besides the JJ's chainlet, more subs you might like are oh lets say PRIMANTI BROS in pittsburgh, MILANOS in dayton, GRUMS in cleveland or GRINDERS in columbus & that is all just for starters. so dont worry north jersey you may be surprised, but the midwest is not hurting for good subs, italian versions or otherwise, chain or non-chain!

          1. Sounds delicious, I'll keep an eye out for this place when I'm down that way in a few weeks