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Sep 6, 2006 07:20 PM

Seeking a Great Chocolate Cake

I'm looking for a delicious chocolate birthday cake for a birthday party i'm throwing on saturday night.
I want something classic (old school rather than mousse cake, flourless or lava chocolate cake).
I'm in South Etobicoke but will travel for greatness...

Thanks, Chowhounds!

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  1. For classic cake I would recommend Dufflets. Very rich! Also, the Star did an article on Chocolate cakes not too long ago and rated Altitude Bakery on Queen E in Leslieville as one of the best.

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      Can't go wrong w/ Dufflet. As for Altitude, I used to go there all the time when I lived nearby. I love this bakery, but... you may get some attitude, and beware the chocolate cake -- it's SUPER-rich! Too rich for my blood. However, it's definitely worth finding out for yourself.

    2. I hear the new Meating restaurant at Yonge and Eglinton has a GINORMOUS slice of classic chocolate cake. It's enough to feed 4-6 and the fund go to charity.

      1. Some of the best cakes I've ever had, hands down- and near your end of town no less- is at Ma Maison on Dundas Street West. Pastry Chef Patrick is an international award winning chef from Toulouse, France whose creations are always perfect. He's also VERY welcoming and will custom make a classic chocolate cake as rich as you'd like (with or without mousse) if you give him advance notice. My new sister-in-law had a special "soccer ball cake" made for her new husband and we couldn't stop raving about how incredible and flavourful it was. Good luck and let us know what you decide.

        1. For a piece of surprisingly good (and good for you) chocolate cake, try Sweets From The Earth. You won't believe it's vegan given how good it tastes and how perfectly moist it is. Their chocolate and their carrot cake are some of the best I've ever had of those varieties. Check their website for where to buy.

          I believe they will also have a booth at the upcoming Vegetarian Food Fair starting in a couple of days.

          1. Follow-up:

            Well the party was a great success. We ended up getting the cake from the Hot Oven, in Cloverdale Mall. It was good. Old School (as desired) 3 layer chocolate cake with fudge icing. It was very chocolatey, but just on the edge of being too sweet (icing, not the cake...).

            Will try the french bakery asap...sounds divine.

            Thanks everyone for the input.

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            1. re: savannah

              Savannah, Would you tell me the price of the cake? Also, what bakeries in Etobicoke are good? I will be traveling to Toronto and staying downtown, but visiting a friend in Etobicoke. He loves chocolate cake, and I was thinking rather than taking a chocolate cake on public transportation from downtown, I could buy one in Etobicoke. Is the Cloverdale Mall easy to walk to once you get to the Transit Station in Etobicoke? Thanks so much!

              1. re: AhmHongree

                Can't vouch for the chocolate cake personally, but I can help you with the directions. Unless you're a "walker," the Mall's a bit of a hike from the subway (at a decent clip, I'd say a good 20 mins.; a big deal with a bouncing cake!). You can take the 111 bus from the Kipling Station.

                1. re: urbnmns

                  Thanks so much for the information, urbnmns. Will ask more people for bakery information when I arrive in Toronto. I'm now thinking it might make more sense to purchase the cake at a downtown bakery and take it on the train...after all, what's difficult about carrying a cake in a box! Do you have a favorite downtown bakery? I looked at Duffet's website, but a large cake costs about $48! That's a bit beyond my budget!

                  1. re: AhmHongree

                    Keeping in mind your visiting situation, I like Dessert Lady Cafe, which is very central (20 Cumberland Street, which is just a block N of Bloor near Yonge - conveniently, the two main Toronto subway lines). I'd advise calling ahead to order a whole cake at 416-924-3223, and they should be able to guide you with pricing. A tiny one (6") should be in the neighborhood of $20, and the 8" possibly closer to $30, which is hopefully closer to your budget. I found some pricing online for Mothers Day, so that might give you some idea of what they do: I also really like Dessert Trends at Harbord and Bathurst (a few blocks S. of Bloor, but still possibly a bit of a hike with a bouncing cake) but have never priced whole cakes (it's a cute place to join a friend for lunch or cake and tea) but a little more out of the way for easy cake transport. Another easy option, if you're heading West is Max's Market, near Runnymede station (on Bloor) where you can easily pop on and off the subway (I'd consider getting a day pass so you don't have to keep paying to reboard, if you plan on several stops). Max's carries cakes from different bakeries (including Dufflets) and if you don't want anything too big, prices can be more reasonable (i.e. you might be able to find something just below the $20 mark). However, selection varies. Hope that helps!

                    1. re: AhmHongree

                      I second the recommendation for Dessert Trends and also suggest Stubbe Chocolates (at Dupont & Christie), particularly for chocolate cake.
                      I personally think Dufflet's is over-rated.


                      Dessert Trends
                      154 Harbord St, Toronto, ON M5S, CA

                      Stubbe Chocolates & Pastry
                      653 Dupont St, Toronto, ON M6G, CA

                  2. re: AhmHongree

                    Cloverdale does not seem walkable at all unless you live in the one of the nearby neighbourhoods but there's a map at this link if you want to get your bearings. I like Hot Oven, they are old-school and European.

                    Hot Oven
                    250 The East Mall, Toronto, ON M9B, CA

                    1. re: JamieK

                      Thanks all...JamieK, toveggiegirl and urbnmns! I'll let you know what I chose to buy when I return in early June! decisions....decisions...hmmm