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Sep 6, 2006 07:18 PM

Pronto Pup - Grand Haven, MI

We were visiting my SO's parents for Labor Day weekend in Western Michigan, and we made it to Grand Haven for dinner one night. We went to Porto Bello first but quickly left after we were told they could not serve wine on Sundays. We decided instead to stroll over to the Pronto Pup. We both got one for each hand, with a line of ketchup and a line of mustard.

YUM! Easily the best corn dog I've ever had. The batter was just right: a little crisp, a little airy, a little sweet, a little buttery. Well done. I don't think we missed much at Porto Bello, as we live a short walk from Boston's North End.

I also got to try the local favortie "Superman" ice cream. A bit too sherberty for my tastes, but good nonetheless.

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  1. Not really a corn dog fan, but the Pronto Pup can't be beat! It's a tiny little stand, and on summer weekends, the line snakes down the street. It's fun to watch the assembly of these wonderful gems, from the dipping to the frying to the paintbrush full of mustard/ketchup as a garnish. The fact that they're freshly made adds a great deal...they're truly wonderful! You didn't miss much at PortoBello...I'd recommend a wet burrito at Tip-a-Few next visit.

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      Is there still a Fracano's Pizza (may be spelling it incorrectly) in Grand Haven?

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        Yes, it is Fricano's and its still wonderful!

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          Thanks...I'll be sure to stop next time I am in MI. Appreciate you letting me know.

    2. Fricano's is one of the few places that remains just as wonderful as I remember it from years and years ago. All cash, not open on Sundays (I think because either Grand Haven or Michigan laws don't allow beer or wine on Sundays, and what would a Fricano's with everything be w/o a beer? This, PP, and Tip-a-Few are the place I make it a point to stop at when in GH. Still like the Farmer's Breakfast at the Deelite, although ownership has changed.

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        I enjoyed Fricano's pizza yet again two days ago - yumm! Note that Fricano's is not open for lunch and that (as noted above) you need to pay with cash. By the way, their "signature" pizza is "everything except anchovies" and it is really excellent.

        I also has a pronto pup this weekend - and it was as great as ever.

      2. I was not impressed with Fricano's. The cheese was mediocre...tasted like there may even have been some cheddar or some other abomination on there.

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          "Supporting all the tasty toppings is probably the best pizza cheese money can buy. Don�t ask a Fricano what kind of cheese it is �cause you won�t get an answer. It is one of the secret ingredients that makes this pizza pie so unique."

          This is from the Fricano's web site. I GUARANTEE that part of that secret recipe is some kind of processed american or cheddar to cut costs. I could taste it, I know it. It sure as hell aint Grana Padano and peccorino.

        2. Gosh, I've been eating there for years and years, and it's the best pizza I've ever had, hands down from anywhere. Different tastes, I guess.

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            I agree that it is excellent pizza. That being said...there are always nights when it was better than other nights. I encourage you to try it again.

          2. Actually, the best ice cream in Grand Haven is at Temptations - which is about a half mile down the road (going east) from the Proto Pup stand.