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Sep 6, 2006 07:16 PM

Where to eat in Park Slope?

Any suggestions for a restaurant with food that is actually good in or around Park Slope?

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  1. There are hundreds. Do a search. I'll give you a rec for Al di La to start.

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      1. Best food I've had in the slope is Applewood. A bit spendy for bklyn but every meal there has been worth it. But, yeah, do a search of this board for another 50 or so reccomendations.

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          1. Bonnie's Grill, Blue Ribbon, Catene Deli (calamari parm hero or brooklyn roast beef, ooh yeah...), Al Di La, City Sub, Geido, Applewood, Little Dishes, Naidre's for salads and snax. enjoy frankbooth