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Fresh pasta?

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I cook my own sauce at home but can't find a place to buy good fresh pasta. Any suggestions appreciated.

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  1. I sometimes buy fresh pasta from Divine Pasta Company on LaBrea--but Whole Foods also carries their products. They now have a restaurant attached--cube? I think it is called.

    Whole Foods also carries a dried pasta from Italy, Vita Spelt, that is a brown, spelt pasta; in its angel hair form it tastes like it was not at all a dried pasta, but completely fresh (I pair it with the Venetian sardine/anchovy sauce, to make bigoli in salsa). You can find the recipe that I use by searching on the Home cooking board.

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      I've heard wonderful things about Cube, it was featured in the L.A. Time's article last week about Salumi... I can't wait to visit! :)


    2. I get fantastic fresh pasta from La Spaghettata in Long Beach -- look for them at various farmers' markets (Studio City and Long Beach Marina for sure). They have a great whole-wheat fettuccine.

      1. I am not sure where you are located, but the Pasadena Farmer's market at Pasadena HS on Saturday mornings has a vendor who sells fresh pasta.

        1. Thanks...I'm in the Hollywood area. I know where Cube is and will try there first.

          1. I second La Spaghettata. the pasta is very good and well priced. the "basic" pastas are $3.00 for a plastic container (always surprised how much comes in a container) Tuesdays they are at the culver city farmer's market, and sunday at the hollywood one.

            1. Sorrento's in Culver City. It's a good Italian market with some interesting pantry goods. I bought ravioli there once that was tasty, good texture. They gave me the bread I picked out for free because I was only buying for two. It's owned by the former Culver City mayor, and has been around forever. It's on Sepulveda right where it splits from Jefferson, on the opposite side of the street from the Tattletale Bar.

              1. I went to Divine Pasta/Cube on La Brea and they didn't have any regular fettucine. They had fresh fettucine such as sun dried tomato fettucine, etc.....but couldn't get just fettucine. Was not thrilled about that. Had to buy up parpadelle and wasn't thrilled with it when I cooked it up. Some of the pasta was still stuck together, wasn't great experience.