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Sep 6, 2006 07:08 PM

Fresh pasta?

I cook my own sauce at home but can't find a place to buy good fresh pasta. Any suggestions appreciated.

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  1. I sometimes buy fresh pasta from Divine Pasta Company on LaBrea--but Whole Foods also carries their products. They now have a restaurant attached--cube? I think it is called.

    Whole Foods also carries a dried pasta from Italy, Vita Spelt, that is a brown, spelt pasta; in its angel hair form it tastes like it was not at all a dried pasta, but completely fresh (I pair it with the Venetian sardine/anchovy sauce, to make bigoli in salsa). You can find the recipe that I use by searching on the Home cooking board.

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      I've heard wonderful things about Cube, it was featured in the L.A. Time's article last week about Salumi... I can't wait to visit! :)


    2. I get fantastic fresh pasta from La Spaghettata in Long Beach -- look for them at various farmers' markets (Studio City and Long Beach Marina for sure). They have a great whole-wheat fettuccine.

      1. I am not sure where you are located, but the Pasadena Farmer's market at Pasadena HS on Saturday mornings has a vendor who sells fresh pasta.

        1. Thanks...I'm in the Hollywood area. I know where Cube is and will try there first.

          1. I second La Spaghettata. the pasta is very good and well priced. the "basic" pastas are $3.00 for a plastic container (always surprised how much comes in a container) Tuesdays they are at the culver city farmer's market, and sunday at the hollywood one.