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Sep 6, 2006 06:55 PM

MIRIN-Where can I buy it?


Just found a great recipe, but one of the ingredients is "Mirin." After some research, I know WHAT it is...I just don't know where to buy it. Any suggestions? I live in the Beaches area, so the closer the better.


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  1. Big Loblaws usually carry Kikkoman brand products that include mirin. Failing that, any Korean grocery should carry it.

    1. Mirin is becoming quite popular so I would not be surprised if you were able to find it in a larger grocery store (like Loblaws or Dominion). If not try an Asian supermarket. You can't go wrong with Japanese grocery stores, but there aren't as many around, especially in the Beaches area. Downtown: "Little Tokyo" in Kensington Market, "Sanko" on Queen Street West.

      1. If you are cooking Japanese and want a reliable store for supplies try Sanko on Queen West at Niagara (east across from a Starbucks and north across Queen from Dufflet's). They'll have Mirin and not charge you an arm and a leg for it. Plus, they'll most of whatever else you need without going out to the burbs.

        1. I couldn't disagree more if I tried with this take on Sanko. It overcharges, often ignores stale dates and, according to some hereabouts, adds surcharges to chargecard purchases. Most of the Korean grocers on Bloor West carry the basics+. If you're stumped try J-Town or T&T but Sanko isn't the only game in town for Japanese goods--far from it!

          1. At the top of Jones Ave., just south of the Danforth, is a small place called Wakame. They sell various Japanese food basics (and dish sets, etc.) and I'm pretty positive they have mirin. I've shopped there many a time and the prices are great!