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Sep 6, 2006 06:45 PM

Normandy good eats

Will be in Caen, Mont St Michel, Juno Beach, Dieppe and Bayeaux for 4 nights end of this month. We have rented a car so transportation should not be a problem.

Aside from seeing D-Day and other famous tourist sites, we would love to eat well in Normandy. All recs appreciated.

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  1. La Petite Bistrot was very good, it's down the street from the church in Bayeux. Tiny and seasonal menu, a little too whimsical in plating, but food and atmosphere were nice.

    1. In Dieppe there is a boutique called le rendez vous des Gourmands.. Chef Cesidio d'Andrea.. creates sweet and savory scrumptious delicacies all day in front of you.. and it's out of the oven fresh.. the smells alone are worth the visit.. It's 47 rue de la barre 76200.. phone is 02 35 40 11 94.. If you can call in advance and order the tarte aux pommes confites et caramel au beurre sale.. TO DIE FOR!! Otherwise, if you have some free time he also gives cooking classes some sundays at the chateau de Miromesnil (don't know the number but they have a web site) Bon voyage!

      1. Le bouchon du Vaugueux in Caen (my hometown) is terrific. Call ahead because they are closed on weird days like Wednesday or Thursday, can't recall.

        1. Thank you all for your valuable feedbacks. Will report back on my return from this (hopefully) gastromonic trip!