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Sep 6, 2006 06:37 PM

[HOU] "Fine Dining" Chinese restaurants on Bellaire?

I'm looking for a place in the Bellaire Chinatown area to take my parents to dinner. They're not a big fan of hole-in-the-wall places, so I'm thinking something more along the lines of Fung's Kitchen (hopefully with the same level of quality and authenticity, since my parents are Chinese) than, say, Lai Lai Dumpling. Fung's is good, but we're looking to try something new. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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  1. My favorite is Hong Kong Food Street, 9750 Bellaire Bl., #100 (at the front of the mall).

    1. Thanks! That one's been on my list to try. Is it "upscale," though? Like tablecloths, nice atmosphere, etc. I don't normally care about those things, but unfortunately my parents do.

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        It's relatively nice for a place that's not a giant seafood palace. The building is pretty new and it's definitely not a hole in the wall type of place.

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          I would say it's one of the nicer places on Bellaire. While a little on the expensive side, the food is really great. I'm a big fan of their crispy intestines... mmm, organ meat. People usually order from their "sao la" selection up front - roast duck, roast pork, BBQ pork, etc. Good stuff.

        2. The decor at Fung's is much nicer than at HK Food Street. Both are regarded as the best Cantonese in Houston. I don't think HKFS has tablecloths. It's probably cheaper.

          I wonder if the new Kim Son on Bellaire Blvd, west of the Beltway, would meet your needs, decor-wise. They have that big buffet that's popular. I don't know if they're doing regular meals, or what the quality is.

          Taydo, in the HK Market west of the Beltway, has very nice decor, and the food is quite good (but Vietnamese, of course).

          1. If your parents are Chinese, do not take them to the new Kim Son. We thought the food was horrible. The taste was bland and the dishes were often cold.

            1. Thanks all. I ended up taking my parents to Fung's for dim sum but didn't get to try anywhere new for dinner. I plan on trying HKFS soon anyway.