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Sep 6, 2006 06:25 PM

What to serve with a Bollinger Champagne

As a gift I received a bottle of Bollinger Ay La Cote Aux Enfants 1996. I'm not familiar with pairing food with champagne and would like to give it a try. My first inclination is to pair it with raw oysters to start dinner with, but I'd happily take suggestions for pairing it with the main course. Also, what's the ideal temperature to serve champagne at and is it advisable to allow it to breathe for any amount of time?

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  1. Am pretty sure your bottle isn't a sparkling or even white wine but a still red made from pinot noir. If so, the best food pairings would be those appropriate for a light to middle weight, somewhat rustic red Burgundy: pork shank braised with red cabbage, roast chicken, hotchpotches and similar stews, etc.

    As for pairing Champagne with oysters (not to mention caviar), my experience is that it rarely produces a marriage made in heaven. If you're set on doing it, opt for one of the drier Champagnes, in particular the "ultra brut" wines with next to no residual sugar. Better yet, buy a case of fine Muscadet.

    1. Carswell, you're right. I remember it being said when I received the bottle that it was a still red, though packaged in a wooden Bollinger Champagne box. Thanks for the clarification and suggestions on this pairing. In this case what would the optimal temperature to serve this wine be? Thanks again.

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        Cool room temperature, about 65F/18C, should do it.