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Sep 6, 2006 06:18 PM

Let's Dish and Chef Dane's

These 2 businesses recently opened near me. The concept is that they do the shopping, chopping, cleaning, menu planning, etc. and you go in prepare the meals and package them for your frig or freezer. Has anyone ever tried them...I am just curious how they are? Their websites are letsdish.com and chefdanes.com.

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  1. Let's Dish is ALL over the Twin Cities and by all accounts people just love them. They have spawned all sorts of copycats too.

    I have no clue how they compare to home cooking and it seems like the prices are really high but the convenience is what draws folks in. They don't rate in my chowbook though.

    1. I go to the Chef Dane's location in Santa Clara at least once a month. Truely high quality food. Their Beef Welllington and three cheese mac and cheese are my families favorites. The meat and seafood is fresh and they make it fun and easy. I'm a Mom so I don't have much time and I can get a great meal on the table in a half hour or less...

      1. We love the Chef Danes in Needham MA and we go about twice a month! The food is fresh and delicious and I'm much happier saving time with the prep, especially since I'm a working mom and don't always have the time/ideas for great dinners on my own. The sessions are fun & easy and you walk away with great food for the family. You can also order the food and have them prepare it for you to pick up which is really convenient, but I like to go w/my girlfriends and enjoy the company & music! :) Definitely recommended

        1. We have used Chef Danes since they opened and really enjoy the quality and variety of our meals now, no longer locked-in to simple meat and potatoes or take out.

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