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Leftover pulled pork ideas?

I have a bunch of leftover North Carolina style pulled pork that is pretty vinegary. I am tired of serving it with barbecue sauce and cole slaw. Any ideas?

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  1. What? You had leftovers?

    How about rolling it up in a nice flour tortilla? Of course, if I were doing it I'd first spread it with mayonnaise or garlic aioli, then add a large lettuce leaf or a handful of mixed baby greens, then add my pork and roll it up.

    1. mix it into cornbread batter and bake it

      1. Try baking it inside a dough--kinda like a pulled pork meat pie. Or use as a base for shepherd's pie. Or make tamales, if you're feeling really ambitious.

        1. Carnitas are made from slow cooked pork shoulder, fry 'em up and season right and it should cross over very well.

          1. Leftover pulled pork is excellent for ABTs. Here's a good recipe:


            • 2 lb Jalapeno's - fresh 2 -3 inches each (approx 30 count)
            • 2 8 ounce pack of Cream Cheese
            • 2 lb Bacon (may not use all)
            • 1.5 lb Pulled Pork

            Preparation Directions:
            • Wash, remove stems and half jalapeno's lengthwise. Only cut the stem off, don't cut the end of jalapeno off to remove the stem. Remove seeds and veins (leave veins in if you would like a hotter ABT).

            Use left over pulled pork, or prepare a small shoulder (2lb) for this. Besides pulled pork you can use any meat. Hamburger, or wedges of italian sausage work well also.

            Cut lengths of bacon strips just long enough to wrap around jalapeno half about twice.

            Fill jalapeno halfs with cream cheese, top with a small amount of pulled pork and wrap the whole thing with a peice of bacon. I usually hold bacon on top of end of jalapeno and wrap around the middle and come back up over top at other end. Hold bacon ends in place with 1⁄2 toothpick each end.

            Cooking Directions:
            • Get cooker at 325deg steady. You are wanting to get bacon cooked without burning up the jalapeno's. I use a raised grid, and place the jalepeno's on a veggie rack allowing for easy removal when done.

            Smoking these are even better. Maple wood and Hickory work well.

            Allow 30 - 40 minutes for bacon to be done. Check them half way through and rearange as necessary to prevent any hot spots burning any.

            Special Instructions:
            • Cream cheese will not melt out unless the jalepeno is tipped over. After removing from grill let them set for about 10 minutes to let the bacon crispen up. Otherwise eat as soon as you are able to. Have a drink ready.

            1. •pulled pork enchiladas or tacos

              •get masa arepa(or masa harina or another cooked corn meal) and mix equal parts with water, a little salt, and a little cooking oil or fat. mix until well combined into a soft dough and either roll out thin cakes and sandwich around the pork or simply mix the pork with the dough and form small cakes. Shallow fry or griddle-cook these on both sides until brown and eat with sour cream and roasted jalapenos.

              1. Put it on some pizza dough or a pre baked or frozen pizza crust - quick & tasty!

                1. This is gonna sound awful, but it's pretty good...pulled pork ice cream. Make a batch of your favorite recipe (either vanilla or plain sweet cream), and add a quarter cup of pulled pork just before you stop churning.

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                    You'd be a natural on Iron Chef America. :)

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                        Serious as a heart attack. I brought some to work, and even the skeptics agreed that it was good. Most of them also said they wouldn't eat it again - mostly because the idea of pork and ice cream turned them off - but they admitted they liked it.

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                          I see where you're coming from questioning the seriousness of it, but it's all in the perception. Just remember that there is a large population that finds putting cheese on a hamburger abhorrent. I'll admit the pork and ice cream thing sounds odd...but I don't doubt that it probably tastes pretty good. I don't see why it wouldn't, even if it's something that admittedly I never would have thought of.

                      2. One of my favorite things at a local restaurant are pulled pork nachos.

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                          Would that be the Raleigh Times Bar? They make awesome pulled pork nachos and that was what I was going to suggest.

                        2. Add some chopped up veggies and make fried rice.

                          You can also make wraps with the meat and veggies and use hoisin as a dipping sauce.

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                          1. I have been in the same predicament and my favorite thing besides eating sandwich after sandwich is to make pulled pork eggs benedict and use the heated pulled pork as the meat under the eggs. FABULOUS. The hollandaise sauce cuts the vinegar.

                            1. I made pulled pork this weekend so checked out this posting for ideas for myself. On reading some of the ideas I decided that making chili rellenos by stuffing pasilla chilis with the pork, adding a couple black olives and a sliver of carrot would make a great dish.

                              I could also just stuff the chilis the same as above, line a baking dish with the stuffed chilis, cover with some sauce, grated cheese and bake until hot and bubbly.

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                                That's basically an oven version of ABTs. Good idea for when I can't grill.

                              2. I'm thinking a nice Korean or Tie Soup.
                                Haven't put together a recipe yet though.
                                I've got some pulled pork to use up and I'll
                                look into it tonight and try it tomorrow.

                                1. I always use it in quesadillas or tacos. Goes great with cilantro and cheese.

                                  1. Put it into a tortilla with sliced avocado.

                                    1. You actually HAVE leftover pulled pork? Shame on you! {grin}

                                      1. I got here looking for ideas as well. Anyone ever tried pulled pork salad. Same concept as chicken salad, just sub pork. I'm thinking a little smokey homemade mayo, some pork, scallions, salt, pepper, maybe some dill.

                                          1. BBQ nachos. Drizzle with bbq sauce and ranch dressing.

                                            1. Stuffed Buns

                                              Get some of that Frozen bread dough. Thaw it out. Grab a roll sized piece of dough and poke a hole into it to hollow it out. Stuff with pork, then roll to seal the pork inside. Bake until golden brown and delicious.

                                              1. We are going to reserve some leftovers to create a poutine dish.

                                                1. Old thread but I will play along.
                                                  I saw chef Robert Irvine make an appetizer for a restaurant. He hollowed out two halves of a baked potato and filled the hollow with pulled pork. I think his had bbq sauce but you could try another sauce. I think he put cheese on top and through it all under a broiler.

                                                  Anyway ...sounds good.

                                                  The neeleys do something like that too.


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                                                    Pig potato -- top a baked potato with pulled pork, barbecue sauce, cheese, jalapeño slices

                                                    Pig salad -- top a big green salad with pulled pork and drizzle with barbecue sauce

                                                  2. Not fancy, but pulled pork french bread pizza. Take a loaf of split french bread, or even a loaf of frozen garlic bread. Top with pulled pork and some mozzarella or mozzarella provolone blend. Cook in the oven until hot and melty.

                                                    Delicious. I have it for breakfast a lot.

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                                                      I'd make chilli out of it. If it's too sweet you could add a couple lbs of roasted Poblano's or green chilli - beans etc.