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Sep 6, 2006 05:26 PM

Looking for the BEST restaurant in Boston

[NOTE: In order to keep this forum focused on Boston chow, we've slightly edited the title of this thread, and started a new thread on the New England board to discuss restaurants outside of the Boston area at - The Chowhound Team


I keep seeming to stumble across Aujor'dui (spelling??). It is one of 2 AAA 5 star restaurants, and has earned that tag for 17 straight years....but I dont want to take that info and run.

I am looking for relatively unique cuisine, fresh high quality ingredients, good-great wine selection (my favorite is Italian reds, but I will be open to speaking with a waiter to receive pairings or recommendarions), service, setting, etc...

basically i want the full package.

Any suggestions? Any MUSTs?

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  1. Aujourd'hui is awesome. If you go, make sure to try to chocolate souffle. It's one of the best things I've ever tasted.

    1. The top restaurants in town are Clio, #9, Radius and Troquet. Of those four, Clio has the best food and a below average wine list, #9 has very good food and an average wine list, Radius has very good food and a good wine list, Troquet has very good food and a great wine list. So, between Clio and Troquet, do you want slightly better food or a much better wine list? Both would be a great choice, for different reasons.

      1. Well I certainly want a nice bottle of wine. But I assume that I will be able to find one if there is a decent wine list...I really don't need 1,000 bottles to choose from...I have my favorites, and they are relatively particular, but more or less I would ask their recommendation to be paired with our dinner...

        in terms of the food, that is the real quality that I am looking for.

        and it is a special dinner so i want the setting and service to be nice. something memorable. fairly romantic. but in the end i want to walk away and say to myself "damn, that is the best all round meal i have had in Massachusetts!"

        so based on your previous response, what do you mean by below average wine for clio's? and what makes "the best food" for you?

        also, have you heard of aujor'dui? have you eaten there? is it overhyped?

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          I'm not an expert on Boston's high-end restaurants, but I have been to Aujourd'hui and really loved it. It was a few years ago, but I remember my appetizer, which was a variety of preparations of asparagus (including a flan, which was maybe not my favorite but certainly made an impression).

          The room felt very "special occasion" to me, and the service was lovely.

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            Aujourd'hui has a brand new chef as described in some of the local magazines.

          2. I think Clio is a no-brainer for the best. Their wine list isn't as unbelievable as the cuisine, but it's pretty good (if overpriced).

            1. well...troquet's website says they are closed until further notice.

              Clio's site make their dishes look absolutely amazing...the presentation looks world class.

              I am glad to hear any comments on any of these restaurants and more!

              thanks everyone, this is important to me!

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                I didn't notice that Troquet was closed on their website (or anywhere). Is this the website you went to?


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                  I vote for Clio - one of my favorite restaurants in Boston, unique, some simply stunning dishes, with lots of creativity. Some will disagree (including my husband), but I'm not a big fan of Aujourd'hui. The last time we were there, at 9:00 on a Thursday night, the sommelier had already left. Though the room was half empty and I had requested a window table to celebrate E's birthday, they seated us far back (half the window tables stayed empty throughout our meal), and it took almost 10 minutes before we were given a menu. And I wasn't wowed by the food (as I am at Clio's). I have heard, however, that there is a new chef. And I should mention that the cocktails and service at the upstairs bar at the Four Seasons were stellar. But IMO Clio fits what you're looking for - "unique cuisine, fresh high quality ingredients". Also, Uni, the sushi bar that is part of Clio, is fantastic.