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Sep 6, 2006 05:07 PM

Santa Fe- Himalayan Cuisine

I just ate twice last week at Himalayan Cuisine- and it was delicious!! It's located in College Plaza on Cerillos Rd. If you haven't been, you must! They have a wonderful lunch buffet, and a full menu for dinner, featuring Tibetan, Nepali, and Indian food. I am Indian American, and this food is much closer to what I grew up eating than India Palace or India House. I am so pleased that they have opened. The food is fresh, the restaurant clean and nicely decorated, and the waitstaff is wonderful. They have fresh "achar", absolutely delicious! I also highly recommend the chilli chicken, and the Tibetan Chau Chau. You must go!!!

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  1. Thanks for the tip -- looking forward to trying it!

    Could you be more specific on the location?

    How's the dal?

    Thanks, Pete Tillman

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      if you are going south on santa fe, just after you cross St. Michaels you will see a petco and ace hardware on the left. Continue on and when you see a smiths on the left and the end of the same plaza turn left into the shopping center. it's right next to Souper Salad.
      dhal is delicious too.

    2. I went with a large group for lunch during a Tibetan Buddhist retreat and was very impressed by the number of beautiful tankas and other artful ritual objects that are part of the decor. The staff was very kind, and helpful. The buffet was extensive, almost exclusively Indian and quite good (including the dal). We had all expected more Tibetan fare, though.