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Sep 6, 2006 05:03 PM

Kokopelli's Reno??

I learned recently that this Southwest Grill/Sushi Bar (yeah, yeah, I know....but the sushi WAS good, and the southwest dishes had a good reputation, although I never ate at that part of the restaurant...) at the Circus-Circus closed recently. The head chef of the hotel told me that it was because they just didn't get enough business....most of the folks that stay at the casino are families (the place attracts folks with kids) and that the pizza joint that took its place is far busier...and of course, I'm as guilty as any local of avoiding the place because, well, after all, it WAS in the Circus Circus.

But I noticed cruising Virginia St a sign that said something about Kokopelli's coming soon...its just south of downtown maybe three or four blocks (near the hotel that has the girlie bar, on the west side of the street). Any relation? Any of you chounds have the scoop? I may have to go check it out......

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  1. BAd news about Art Gecko's and Kokopelli's. They were about the only decent restaurants Circus Circus had.
    Maybe after we do a pizzathon we can do a sushithon to pick Reno's best sushi.

    1. Hi! I'm sad about Kokopelli's closing. I thought they had the best sushi in Reno. The Kopopelli's on 'virginia St. appears to be a mexican place, so I doubt it is connected. I hope I am wrong!

      1. Yes, the S. Virginia place is advertised as a Mexican grill, but didn't Kokopelli's in the Circus Circus have the weird combination of a sushi bar and the southwest grill? That's why I thought there might be a seemed like too much of a coincidence with the one closing and the one opening......

        1. What closed. Well this will mean I will not be staying at Circus Circus for a while. Loved the sushi bar. Well where else will get good sushi.

          1. Yimster:
            Have you tried Sushi Pier? The nearest is at Park Lane Mall
            Of course, I haven't eaten there in a couple of years now. It might be closed too.